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In Rumaan Alam’s Leave the World Behind, a white family staying at a Hamptons Airbnb is startled when the Black owners knock on the door

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After leaving Bon Appétit, Sohla El-Waylly now has her own show — where she’s paid fairly for her fantastic creations. @e_alexjung on Sohla going solo:

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Fiona Apple walks through the genesis of — and meaning behind — each song on Fetch the Bolt Cutters

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Yes, Emily in Paris’s hot chef has heard your Armie Hammer comparisons

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What we’ve left behind is often as important and instructive as what we’ve kept with us

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Your definitive guide to 2020’s absolute deluge of made-for-TV holiday fare

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Fifteen essential films inspired by the deepest, darkest pockets of political discourse

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From the good to the bad to the what-the-hell, here is your complete guide to PLL

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Season four of The Crown is the best complete season the show has ever made

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Social Distance doesn’t offer any answers, but unlike so much COVID-era entertainment, it does offer honesty

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Amy Adams can't win her long-awaited Oscar like this

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The announcement reminded some fans, and introduced others, to Clapton's famously racist diatribe during a Birmingham concert in 1976

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There's no tap-dancing and zero Judy Dench, but the Cats star is still committed to giving you a gift this holiday season

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Seems you've had all the scary pandemic drama you need for the moment

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Your dried-out attempt at a turkey might leave a bad taste in your mouth, but Jen never will

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Good News is a grab bag, full of reasons to love Megan Thee Stallion but also areas where she could use a little more refinement, writes @CraigSJ

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To decide the “best” of New York rap would only tell half the story. So instead, we invited a team of writers to rank a new type of local canon: 100 songs that capture a bigger picture of the sound of the city

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Kindred is a horror film not primed to scare you but to instill unease and dread as it considers the grooves of vulnerability and loss

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2020 marks @MariahCarey's 30th year in the music business. @AllisonPDavis spoke to the star about her epic career from the past three decades — she had a lot to say.

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