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Quoted @bavlichhori

Feeding friends and getting amazing response is what I live for 😝❤️❤️❤️. So happy to see happily fed @smritikiran

Not only happily but very timely fed! Meeta both heart and stomach full. Such a fantastic thanksgiving surprise. Nothing better than the gift of food, thought and that personal touch from a friend ♥️♥️♥️

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Quoted @iemmys

The International Emmy for Drama Series goes to “Delhi Crime” produced by @GoldenKaravan / @skglobalent / @NetflixIndia, #India!
#iemmys #iemmyWIN

One of the best to come out of India! This is so well deserved 🥂 Congratulations @RichieMehta @SanyukthaC @ShefaliShah_ @RasikaDugal @rajeshtailang @_AdilHussain #JayaBhattacharya @kohlipooja @apoorva_bakshi @NetflixIndia @shrishtiarya #IvanhoePictures @skglobalent #ieemmyWIN

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Thank you for the movies Sir ✊💔

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Quoted @MarkHarrisNYC

When I interviewed David Fincher about Mank for @vulture and @nymag, I asked him why he never takes a writing credit. We didn't have room for his full answer, but it's illuminating, and I'm happy to share it here.

Most of the Indian Film Industry professionals need to read this. Credits -what you deserve vs what you feel you are entitled vs being a bully. High time the credits issue gets sorted across the board! Also Daal mein namak daalne se daal aapki Nahin ho jaati... samjho bhai!

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Always such a pleasure @RichaChadha ♥️♥️

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Quoted @OfficialJLD

“Madam Vice President” is no longer a fictional character. @KamalaHarris

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Quoted @ndtv

#NTAwards | @ravishndtv wins "Best Prime Time News Show, Hindi"

The best wins tonight ... one of the last ones standing... the indomitable @ravishndtv

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Woman of Colour
Human with a Spirit of Steel
Daughter of Immigrants
Possessor of an infectious toothy grin
Fights like a beast
Dances like a dream
The first woman Vice President in the history of The United States!
@KamalaHarris 💪✊ #WarriorsNotPrincesses

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It is official!! A big dollop of hope in a dark, difficult, partisan world. The 46th President and Vice President of the United States @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris 🍾🥂💪 #BidenHarris2020

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Quoted @TheRestlessQuil

We love @genesiaalves for many things but have we collectively thanked and acknowledged her for her top notch gif game, and the many tears of laughter and commiseration they bring?

+10000000000 @genesiaalves ♥️♥️

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Quoted @shreya_dhan13

#Scam1992 : We just had to.
@mehtahansal @JaiHMehta @pratikg80 @anjalibarot06 @jaiminipathak @SumitPurohit @ofnosurnamefame @chiragvohra @Commonstilt @disharin @jayupadhyay01 @bhaminioza

This team. Their success. Their happiness. Making the 1st day of November sweeter 🥂🥂🥳

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Quoted @RoohiD

Fabulous to hear @MiraPagliNair in conv with @smritikiran for @MumbaiFilmFest @howbza and me actually kept a window open to take notes on all the brilliant things Mira shared. Fans. Yes we are. Since the 1980s!

Thank you so much Roohi! I am so glad you enjoyed it 😊

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Quoted @nambiarbejoy

This one is special for too many reasons. Got to work with absolute LEGENDS - #Revathy @VijaySethuOffl @prakashraaj on a short story written by #ManiSir himself. 9emotions 9stories 1 industry comes together for its people #TamilFilmIndustryComesTogether #NAVARASA @NetflixIndia

This sounds FAB!!

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The sun in my hair after...
Last year this was the morning after @MumbaiFilmFest. I moved back into my refurbished home straight from the venue. It was a glorious, happy day.
Here’s to having a song in your heart always ...
Happy days to all...
Love and light ♥️

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7 year old niece just discovered @iHrithik through a game called free fire where he played a character called Jai. A Hrithik Roshan film festival is underway at home starting with #KoiMilGaya. She was quick to point out the film is 17 years old. Full nostalgia. I feel so old!!

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This is just basic house keeping. I went to the site of the production house. I went to the IMDB page of the show. But impossible to get collated, one stop information portal for the show. I am looking this hard because I am in the business. Others would just give up. #sad (3/3)

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..Indian ensembles I have seen but it is so difficult for me to source the names of all the actors, the stills except the standard ones that are floating around. This feeds straight into the publicity of your show. Gives recognition to the talent. Why would you not do it? (2/3)

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How difficult is it to expect every production house to take out a comprehensive credit list for their shows/films/content? And a host of official production stills of the show and of each character. I loved a show recently. I want to post about it as one of the best (1/2)

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Andar ke zakhm ko bacha Ke rakhna. Usse bharne mat dena...

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