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IU Indy Law class of 2016, IUB graduate class of 2012, experienced in a variety of jobs & internships, & a big fan of current events, sports, reading & logic.


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Awful shit from Jake there. Turnover leads to Buffalo zone time then penalty. Don’t worry, I’m already blocked. @NHLFlyers #AnytimeAnywhere #FlyersTalk

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Quoted @BILLadelphia1

I just turned the game on. Has Pierre been pronouncing Greiss like that all day?

Was literally about to tweet same. “Can Pierre simple pronounce the ‘r’ in ‘Greiss’ like an ‘r’?” “Grleiss”? @NBCSports

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I’m sure @joebartnick is loving these soft calls of @NHLFlyers against Crosby. #weak #flyerstalk #AnytimeAnywhere

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Anyone else just realize the @NHLFlyers’ 4th line scored the GWG vs the @penguins’ 1st line? #AnytimeAnywhere #FlyersTalk

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Mike Mathewson already providing the @penguins negative value. You hate to see it. 😘😉 #AnytimeAnywhere #PensFlyers

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“Here it is. Third down. You get the first, you win. You get respect. You win the Chick-Fil-A peach bowl.” ESPN really setting the scene. #peachbowl #chickfilabowl

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1996 06/30 Montreal Expos at Philadelphia Phillies - Cliff Floyd HR to w... via @YouTube

@BobWankelCB @AntSanPhilly
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” #harryK

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Quoted @hinx

Taylor Swift opens a large chasm in the earth’s surface

Taylor Rift

Taylor Swift loves smart shopping.

Taylor thrift.

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@RoyPhilpott & Kelly Stoufer—we get it. He’s thick and he probably enjoyed thanksgiving.

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Quoted @dsilver88

Malkin is the most physically dominant player of this generation

He also is one of the most inconsistent and dirtiest

Both things can be true @joebartnick @PuckOffPodcast

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in Toews as a middle-6 C if (a) Hawks would retain salary & (b) would trade him in 1st place? Toews is crazy, but if Hawks were to eat enough cap, it would be a nice safety net, locker room presence, & playoff guy. (And again, Hamonic/Toews prolly no-go w/Gus & Braun signings)

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Weird combo. I forget that a lot of my Philly fan brethren are @PennStateFball fans, which clashes well with my transplant @IndianaFootball @IndianaUniv fandom. #iufb #flyerstalk

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Jean Grey is truly the worst.

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Wow. It seems like shooting the puck works sometimes. @NHLFlyers #StanleyCup2020 #tbvsdal

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Is it me, or is Vasilevsky like the most heart-palpitating, often technically unsound actually good goalie I’ve seen in a while? (Bob is NOT that good.) He gets the job done, but he lets in some shit (and makes some routine saves look shaky). #StanleyCup #TBLvsDAL

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Is it “Koo”-doe-bin or “Hoo”-doe-bin? #NHLPlayoffs @DallasStars

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The #mavris is screwing over some friends of mine. Perhaps public pressure & shaming will hell them do the right thing.

Getting married in a pandemic: ‘Our dream wedding’s dead’

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1) I would murder for in-his-prime Keith Primeau right now.
2) Everyone can shut the fuck up about Giroux. K thx.
#AnytimeAnywhere #FlyersTalk

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Quoted @sean_r_moore

Guys, do we need to talk about Sanheim? A lot im worried about. #AnytimeAnywhere #FlyersTalk

I tweeted this before that goal-leading turnover. I’ve been worried about his decision-making and handling from earlier. Shit.

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