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You saw it briefly on #TheCrown. Now here's the real story of Princess Diana's visit to a Lower East Side homeless shelter during her 1989 trip to New York City

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It involves a vault in downtown Los Angeles and a beat-up van with the word "Florist" written on it

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#AskPolly: “My binary mind is telling me you’re either an artist who creates or you’re not an artist. I think about this all the time and haven’t made much progress on wrapping my head around it.” @hhavrilesky writes

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Dispatches from a rave under the Kosciuszko Bridge, a parking-lot party in Greenpoint, and more

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These New York nightlife personalities have found ways to stay busy from their apartments — and keep their communities drinking and dancing, too

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“It can be undone just as quickly and as effectively as we did it”: A conversation with @staceyabrams, by @rtraister

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Why we really do look way hotter in sunglasses

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.@lizzieohreally: "Looking back, I can’t believe what I put up with"

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Not like this

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It's like a whole house on the top of a prewar co-op

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At-home meal kits allow people to stay connected to the food of their favorite restaurants — and help to foster social-media communities of like-minded cooks

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It’s not clear how much the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh will affect Iran’s nuclear program, or if Trump signed off

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Just give Dolly Parton wings and a halo already

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The @Strategist pulled all of the best deals from Walmart's Black Friday sale, from versatile down coats to organizers to keep your home clutter-free:

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"I became obsessed. I kept reading and rereading. What could it possibly mean?"

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"They also look good at any age: It’s been two decades since I first discovered the shoes in high school, and my love for how they look has never wavered"

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.@JoshOConnor15 plays a vicious, brooding Charles in this season of  #TheCrown — but the actor doesn’t see him as a villain

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From skin-care and hair-care tools to invest in (for less) to colorful palettes to create a fun above-the-mask eye look

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Could your quarantine kitchen use an upgrade? Here are all of the best Black Friday kitchen deals, including serious discounts on Le Creuset, KitchenAid, Breville, and more:

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#AskPolly: "When I look at my life, all I see is a desperately unfulfilled woman who digs holes for herself by being dishonest with the people around her." @hhavrilesky responds

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