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Replying to @onntherox: “once COVID is over” is starting to sound a lot like “when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup”

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Vince Dunn is on the trade block according to @FriedgeHNIC.

He's a total analytical darling, with excellent playdriving numbers at both ends. But he's been deployed very very hesitantly by the Blues, with low quality of teammates and miniscule quality of competition. #stlblues

if the penguins insist on trading for another defenseman, they could do much worse than vince dunn

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this is a video representation of how it feels when the waitress says “enjoy your food” & you say “you too”

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tuukka rask is a stud & he proved that again tonight. the penguins played pretty well & were the better team in the final two periods & this effort was a lot better than some of the games the penguins have won recently. kapanen’s speed looks to be a great asset for the top six

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you have to respect the 2021 pittsburgh penguins for literally not giving a single shit until they’re down by at least 2 goals. it’s a bold strategy

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kasperi kapanen’s first goal as a penguin

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jason zucker needed that one badly, he’s been getting chances every game. the penguins are going to need him to score much more often. hopefully that opens the floodgates

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pretty excited to see drew o’connor play tonight. i love that the penguins have become a top destination for unsigned college players & hope o’connor can find a place in the penguins lineup

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“once COVID is over” is starting to sound a lot like “when the Leafs win the Stanley Cup”

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Quoted @CBSSports

What's the coolest an athlete has ever looked in a photo/screenshot?

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Quoted @NYRFan92360244

For the record, since for some reason people keep saying this, I’m NOT Tony DeAngelo. Just someone whose sick of him being criticized by people who know nothing about the game of hockey.

hey everyone tony deangelo is back on twitter, be sure to check him out @NYRFan92360244

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everybody pray for my friend. ain’t shit wrong with him, he’s just gotta play for john tortorella

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the penguins didn’t deserve that win, but neither did tony deangelo, so we’ll take it

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cody ceci just marked his territory right in front of jack johnson

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all of pittsburgh watching jack johnson tonight

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give me one reason why i shouldn’t

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sidney crosby ot winner

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