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Another quiet day is highlighted by only a sextile aspect from the Pisces Moon to Capricorn Venus. Yesterday’s actions may open up to today’s small rewards. Moon’s conjunction to Ceres offers nourishing rest tonight.

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i literally didn’t mean “bear with me” ironically, i meant like watch me struggle with tech per usual

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if you want me to look at a coin you will need the genesis block or creation time etc dat is on you

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first astro crypto live stream on youtube this sunday 5pm est

provided that i figure out fuckin obs screenshare + me in the corner

(bear with me)

bring your q's & coins to look into & if all goes well maybe we'll keep it up

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Quoted @astro_ashley11

Tell me your rising sign without telling me your rising sign.

i emote about as much as a sedimentary rock

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i'm supposed to start school again like in a few days lkdgnakdbgjhdfbg might pull a steve jobs

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when i say my schedule is insane i mean insane with interviews, like ppl at the same news company trying to talk to me about transiting saturn crossing bitcoin's mercury

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me, making hundreds of astrology youtube videos for years: ~20 views/video, no recognition

me, suddenly making tiktoks about the price of crypto: *booked for literally weeks with mainstream news interviews about predicting bitcoin + dogecoin*

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the tables will turn from you laughing at me for not knowing what any of you are talking about to me laughing at you while i hold a forearm stand

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post-covid i will host a yoga retreat & only invite crypto twitter

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instead of mining bitcoin we will tofu-press marencoin

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tofu + veggie curry 🍛🌱🔥

•tomato paste
•red curry paste
•coconut milk
•brown rice blend
•roasted red pepper hummus
•sesame seeds

#govegan #plantbased

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aquarius risings got a lot happening early on this year & the leo full moon looks like a goodbye 👋🏻

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trump’s upcoming astrology, more on it tomorrow

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fixed sign warfare 2021

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doing several videos on the 2030-ish period as it looks like a height of social division &&& monetary system transformation

there’s a ton more explaining this with the USD chart that i didn’t want to do complicate this video with but it’s not just the transits mentioned here 👍

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the signs showing up to the party. 🎉

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coffee n crypto

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it’s happening.

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