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#hockeytwitter, #NHLBruins, Writer for @BNGproductions, co-host of @shortshiftpod with @nahstrom, recovering Cape Codder, DMs always open, Mostly follows back

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Grown to 400 followers in just a few months. Super humbled and love the many hockey opinions I've been able to share with you. I hope to continue to grow In the #NHLBruins and #hockeytwitter worlds. Cheers to all of you!

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Quoted @HockeyStatsCZ

Thread: Video analysis of the Flyers and the differences in their systems during regular 19/20 and 20/21. We would like to show you what the Flyers‘ coaching staff have changed their style of play and what is working and what is not. Nothing is meant in the harmful way... (1/xx)

If ya'll need a great analytics follow. These guys are great because of stuff like this. Great detail #NHL #hockeytwitter

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Key & Peele is something I appreciate far more now that I'm a little older. What comedic legends

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Interesting debate cropped up last night from @dominictiano's status and I'm interested to take the temperature: #NHLBruins fans. All things equal there's an odd man out situation brewing for when everyone comes back. Who do you keep? And who do you send to the badlands?

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Quoted @dominictiano

You're going to hate me but barring injury, once Pasta/Kase come back, we will see the end of Bjork.

Agreed 100% I like Bjork's tools, but the dude plays like going anywhere near the puck, or shooting the puck is going to drain his life-force. Talk about Kase's injuries all you want, but the puck moves positively when he's on the ice, can't say the same for Anders #NHLBruins

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Quoted @JamieGatlin17

Brad Marchand does it again. #NHLBruins | #NHL

What an absolute seed. Holy crap #NHLBruins

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Ritchie with another multi point game. What is this universe #NHLBruins

Remember when I was told after game 3 that if I wasn't panicking I wasn't a real fan? Good stuff

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He's not going to get a point on it. But what an outlet by lauzon to start that sequence that leads to Marchy burying it. Have yourself a game son. I may just have been wrong about you yet #NHLBruins

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If there's ever been a play that just has encapsulated Anders Bjork's time here it was that really good lob/chip to himself followed by a nothing shot missing the goal by forever. C'mon man #NHLBruins

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Skilled tip by Coyle but what an absolute feather soft pass to the middle by Frederic. What a game he's had #NHLBruins

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I have to admit I have never been high on Jeremy Lauzon. But he's really starting to get his bearings in a stay at home role. Having mac on your pair doesn't hurt either #NHLBruins

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#AnytimeAnywhere fans. Got a question

Why does Justin Braun skate like he has suddenly lost all leg strength?

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Craig Smith

That's it. That's the tweet


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Quoted @NYRFan92360244

For the record, since for some reason people keep saying this, I’m NOT Tony DeAngelo. Just someone whose sick of him being criticized by people who know nothing about the game of hockey.

Bro. At least there was plausible deniability when Nick Cousins burner was found. This is just so stupidly obvious it's you, Tony

Delete this account and try harder next time, you maga chud

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Quoted @michaelnef44

Jarmo’s the man. When asked by Jody Shelley how hard it was to trade the 3rd draft pick away, his answer was simply...

‘Not that hard, we got the 2nd pick of that draft back’

Cracks me up. 😂 #CBJ

Jarmo is quickly becoming my favorite GM in the NHL

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Quoted @northofgct

@justyouknowhyyy He got what he deserves.

I’m angry at people saying RFA is unfair to players. When taxpayers basically fund the league by building arenas, allowing ridiculous cable regs and write offs for boxes, I’d say small market teams have a right to talent.

Else, refund taxpayer money.

This is an interesting debate to me

RFAs have no leverage unless they PLD the situation. is the RFA system unfair to players? Should there be protection against this happening? should there be a way to protect teams from their RFA's going PLD? Does it matter? #NHL #HockeyTwitter

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Quoted @UrinatingTree

PIERRE-LUC DUBOIS - "Columbus is boring. I want a new place to play."
COLUMBUS - "It's not that bad here. Just play well and you'll be fine."


COLUMBUS - "That's it, it's trading time"
PLD - "YES!"
COLUMBUS - "Winnipeg."


Honestly this is the best part of the whole damn trade to me

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PLD wanted to be in a bigger market (montreal) and Jarmo trades him to fucking Winnipeg.

One last fuck you. I kinda love it

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Quoted @PierreVLeBrun

Boom. Told that the Blue Jackets are also sending a third-round pick to Winnipeg as part of this blockbuster deal.

Jarmo should be arrested on the spot for robbery

#CBJ just got a hell of a lot better

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Quoted @HockeyHoundShow

🚨🚨🚨Breaking News: According to Darren Dreger, A trade call is being set up between the Winnipeg Jets and Columbus Blue Jackets to complete trade sending Laine and Roslovic to Columbus for Pierre Luc Dubois. A draft pick to the Jets May also be included.


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