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My views on vaccine:

1. Unexpectedly great results from Moderna, Pfizer
2. Pandemic to reach near end ‘21
3. Infection rate should start reducing from May
4. Issues to consider -long term safety, timely distribution, duration of immunity, efficacy on children, choice of vaccine!

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We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles -Thomas Edison.

It is with this responsibility, #KEC the world’s largest transmission player, is endeavouring to take electricity to all corners of the world. #RPG

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Salute to a religion that teaches true generosity and forgiveness. The agitating Punjab farmers fed the same
Police who teargassed and water cannoned them. #GuruNanakJayanti2020

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So beautifully said:

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Love this version of my favorite bhajan..

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The sweetest moment of #INDvsAUS today....

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Indian stock market @Anuradh74561178

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Teacher : 5 - 5 equals how much?

Student does not answer.

Teacher tries a different technique : agar tere paas 5 dosa hai aur main tere 5 dosa le lu, tere paas kya bachega?

Student : Sambar aur chutney !!!

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What we can learn from our young ones:

1. They are curious and keep on learning
2. They make friends easily
3. They dream and for them everything is possible
4. They don’t bother of what others think
5. They derive happiness from whatever they do
6. They let go of grudges easily

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Replying to @virsanghvi: Probably the single best article I have read about today’s India. It’s fair, does not indulge in partisan politics, is insi…

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Did it?

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I am optimistic about our economy:

-Manufacturing in Oct highest in decade
-Auto sector-Double digit growth in Oct
-Agri sector up 3.4% (Q2)
-Tractor sales up 40%
-Migrant workers back
-FII inflow high
-Sensex all time high
-India Inc PAT up >40% (Q2)
-Nominal GDP gap down to 4%

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My daughter’s has introduced a clean beauty brand Kiro. The products are free of harmful chemicals and infused with good oils. They are available at

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What to do with your car during these lockdown times....so cool

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Probably the single best article I have read about today’s India. It’s fair, does not indulge in partisan politics, is insightful and deeply personal.
But it’s also depressing because it reminds us of how we have lost our way.
Essential reading

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The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.

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The first-ever children’s tram library is being launched giving access to children to read their favorite book while on the move. A concept like this could have happened only in a culturally rich city like Kolkata!

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Replying to @SandeepDalmia4: Be cautious, while showing humanity.
Sometimes, it hurts

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Have the right tyres....it helps

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Be cautious, while showing humanity.
Sometimes, it hurts

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Follow these rules when you’re young and you won’t regret:

1. Stay away from debt
2. Learn a few skills which you can leverage
3. Use your social media wisely
4. Hit the gym
5. Don’t bother about other’s opinions
6. Spend on learning or experiences rather than things

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Interesting culture in @Dream11 -

1. Once a week free massage and bhelpuri in office
2. 50% house rent subsidised if you live within half hour of office
4. Rs 50 fine every time you address someone as sir, ji or mr
5. Appraisal based not on targets but alignment of values

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