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Manifestation circle:
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🕯 Nomination 🕯
For Manic
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I love u but I musta pissed somebody off a long time ago cause I don’t think they fukk wit me.

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@halsey wait !! fun fact: i heard that your brain can’t actually make faces up in your dreams so they’re actually people you’ve seen before !!

Oh definitely! I’ve met probably tens of thousands of fans at this point maybe even hundreds?! So people sneak into my dreams alllllllll the time! I also don’t know anyone in real life to dream about haha

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@halsey do u have dreams about us?

Yes last month I had a dream 3 fans I had never met before with pink and blue hair showed up to my house and I made them tea and they pulled a bunch of merch out of their backpacks and yelled at me cause their orders came wrong. I was in a panic when I woke up 😩 lol

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Last night I dreamt I was at a halsey concert. Wow, was I ever disappointed when I opened my eyes

Omg I had a dream I DID a concert. Maybe we were there together ?!

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🤍 I am not allowed to want to leave myself anymore. Believe me, I have tried. 🤍

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does halsey have the stories

Yes. Hate it.

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@halsey Who tf is bullying you for this i will scream. If I had the means to not drive I probably wouldn't either

Noooo no one is actually bullying me it’s a joke. Years and years and years....of a joke.....

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@halsey seee i figured u know how but just probably Suck At It.

did u miss the words “in Manhattan” ?!

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@halsey it’s always cooler to be the passenger and have control over the music ☺️

I am an A+ DJ! My favorite thing to do. The mood and vibe is entirely in my hands. Time to shine.

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I know how to drive. I got my license. I drove for many years. (And in MANHATTAN!!!) I just choose not to anymore because it makes me anxious. Maybe I will drive again one day. Maybe I won’t. Thank you for joining “Stop Bullying Me I Know How To Drive” daily with Halsey!

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iwlmiic spoilers
my paintings inspired by some of the poems from the book! 🎨🖌️

🥺 yes literally exactly. wow... 🤎

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Name: Terrance Williams
Twitter: @terrancedesigns


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Name: Khai
Twitter: @blackbirdkhai

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Name: Barry Yusufu
Twitter: @barryyusufu_art

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@halsey I remember seeing her on the news! How did you not know this?!?!

No I knew about it of course! But she’s telling me in detail and like reenacting it and it’s amazing hahaha

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@halsey how did she even get into that situation omg

She’s an EMT!!!

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My mom is telling me the story about the time she delivered a baby in the back of a car in a parking lot. I love her so much. hahaha holy shit.

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Name: Lou
Twitter: @altpnk

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show me the celebrities you’ve been told u look like

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"I Would Leave Me If I Could"
A Collection of Poetry

Pre-Order now // Available November 10th

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