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We haven’t cooked the turkey yet, but we’re already thinking about the Thanksgiving leftovers. Instead of sandwiches, try managing editor @alysewhitney's turkey & gravy yaki onigiri, a crispy Japanese-style rice ball stuffed with turkey & gravy. Recipe 👉

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This year has been tough, so @chrissyteigen & @adeenasussman want to make Thanksgiving a bit easier! Join them for a YouTube LIVE fundraiser for World Central Kitchen today at 4pm PST/7pm EST. Bring your Turkey Day Qs & consider donating to @WCkitchen 👉

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Y’all bready for this? 🥖 Tipsgiving day four is on a roll… specifically how to doctor up store-bought rolls so they look and taste homemade. (Hint: 🧄🧈!) We also have a quick, unconventional hack for reviving slightly stale bread 👉

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Smashed or Mashed? Which one is your favorite? 🥔 Potatoes are a must-have at the Thanksgiving table. Get to know the different types of potatoes and the best ways to prepare them 👉

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Prep your favorite side dishes—like @chrissyteigen's cheesy green bean casserole and @Pepperthai2's scalloped potatoes—a day or two in advance and spend more time on the couch on Turkey Day. Tipsgiving Day ✌️has your guide to all things sides 👉

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Set your reminders! We’re here to make this Thanksgiving as easy as possible with our first ever Tipsgiving week. We’ll be sharing tips, tricks, & hacks for Thanksgiving —kicking it off with turkey & gravy. Everything you need to make the juiciest turkey👉

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Meet @chrissyteigen's latest obsession: delicata squash. This striped squash looks like a decorative gourd, but actually has edible thin skin. Add it to pizza and watch it caramelize and nestle into a bed of ricotta, mozzarella, Parm, and garlic. Recipe 👉

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When @chrissyteigen was a kid, going shopping with Pepper meant time for her favorite department store treat. These raspberry jammy oat bars are inspired by her nostalgic dessert memories in all their buttery, pecan-y, sweet jammy glory. Recipe 👉

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A note from Chrissy 📝 ADEENA IS BACK!!!! @AdeenaSussman has been on the Cravings journey with me from the start. She’s not just my co-author, but also my best friend. We’ve been through SO much & I’m really excited to be working on Cravings 3! What recipes do you want to see?

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Give your sandwich a glow up with homemade aioli—aka fancy mayo. ✨ Richer and garlickier than your average store-bought spread, it makes everything it touches more delicious. Plus, it’s way easier to make than it sounds! Get @chrissyteigen's recipe 👉

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A special shoutout to our Cravings community 🌟 As a thank you for all of the recipe love, @chrissyteigen rounded up the top 5 Cravings recipes we see you making on social media, featuring YOUR actual amazing dishes & 5 bonus recipes! Get the recipes 👉

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Salad can be boring. Why not try noodle salad instead? These herby, crispy shallot–topped noodles have a 1-2 flavor punch of umami-rich fish sauce & jalapeños. Try making the shallots at home—they’re easy to prep & you’ll have leftovers for days. Recipe:

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Gotta cacio ‘em all 🥣 Cacio e pepe oatmeal is like pasta for breakfast… but a little healthier. Oats get a bad rap for being bland, but their neutral taste makes them a perfect base for any mix-ins—even savory ones! Meet your new treat yo self bowl 👉

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New power couple alert: 🥓 and 🥦. This crispy bacon & crunchy broccoli fried rice has become our new go-to weeknight dinner combo. The best part? of fried rice is you can do whatever you want with it and go crazy customizing your perfect bowl 🍚 Recipe 👉

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Dinner party? Take it outside! ☀️ What was once exclusive to boring salads & sandwiches, picnicking is a fun (and distant!) way to enjoy a meal with friends. Try zhuzhing up your menu with our recipes & tips that’ll guarantee your Labor Day weekend is 💯 👉

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Fall might be around the corner, but summer rolls are forever ☀️ This new twist on the classic Vietnamese appetizer transforms @chrissyteigen's crunchy-tangy Chinese chicken salad into a picnic-ready dish you’ll want to snack on all day long. Recipe 👉

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Cooking in 2020: minimum effort, maximum reward 😎 Get to know one of our favorite kitchen techniques that takes little prep time & delivers flavorful food: marinating. We've got some tips & tricks you can follow, plus a bonus recipe from @chrissyteigen 👉

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Unpopular opinion: We’d take trifles over cake any day! @chrissyteigen's lemon trifles are easy to assemble but visually impressive. Layer on crumbled cake, whipped cream, fresh berries, & both 🍋 juice AND zest for extra tanginess. Recipe 👉

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Replying to @25petals: Serrated santoku knife by @cravings @chrissyteigen just came back into stock at Target - ordered and on its way - and now enj…

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"Treat Yo Self Frydays": a better way to ring in the weekend, because there’s 🍟 involved. Inspired by Superfrites, one of Chrissy’s go-to LA food trucks, we’ve got some tips & tricks you can follow to make crispy Belgian-style fries at home. Learn more 👉

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Serrated santoku knife by @cravings @chrissyteigen just came back into stock at Target - ordered and on its way - and now enjoying a glass of rosé by @LVE_wines @johnlegend ... Feeling like a successful evening!

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