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Chainlink continues to power the growth #DeFi by launching decentralized price oracles for key trading pairs. Integrate the LTC/USD Price Feed into your dApp today to support @litecoin markets, already used & supported by @synthetix_io & @CelsiusNetwork.

congratulations on the #Chainlink projects

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$EGG is the new token of the #Cocoricos platform listed on Uniswap yesterday January 15th. Cocoricos, an #Ethereum -based financial application, offers #DeFi products that generate passive rewards with cash extraction, #Airdrop , staking and Proof-of-Stake on various assets

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Replying to @ArioPuggioni: Ma quanto è attuale?
La bacerei in fronte.

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Anche il #COVIDー19 sostiene l'iniziativa #IOAPRO1501

il #COVIDー19 per quelli che aprono ce anche la musica #IOAPRO1501

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Domenica nuova puntata di @nonelarena con l'intervista di #MassimoGiletti al leader di @ItaliaViva, @matteorenzi: quale sarà l'esito della crisi di questo #Governo?
Dalle 20.30 su @La7tv
#nonelarena #Giletti #La7 #crisidigoverno #Renzi #MatteoRenzi #ItaliaViva #Conte

#MassimoGiletti avrai le @@ per dire a @matteorenzi perche tiene paura del caso sulla Fondazione Open ? al leader di @ItaliaViva ?: quale sarà sua paura ? #Governo
#nonelarena #Giletti #La7 #Renzi #MatteoRenzi #ItaliaViva #Conte

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Quoted @CryptoDiffer

TOP 15 coins by @LunarCRUSH Galaxy Score

Galaxy Score is a proprietary score that is constantly measuring crypto against itself with respect to the community metrics pulled in from across the web


projects to be verified in 2021

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Top 30 Trending Searches on @coingecko from 9th - 15th Jan 2021.

Welcome newcomers: @investvoyager @origin_trail @digibytecoin @MakerDAO @BTCST2020


#cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on $VGX $YFI $SNX $BTC $ETH $RUNE $AKT $LINK $ADA $UNI $REN $EGLD $GRT $DOT

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#golem Now ready to launch the projects of the winners of the Gitcoin #hackathon 2020.

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Bitcoin Suisse now supports #NANO on its platform.

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Using the #Chainlink Network to Increase the Adoption of #Paxos -Powered Assets in the #DeFi Ecosystem

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Contro #GiuseppeConte sono gli affiliati
dei poteri forti.

Replying to @5_bepi: Tutti contro Conte. Nn è normale.

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Quoted @susy43279731

Questa foto si chiama "istigazione a delinquere". qualcuno prendesse provvedimenti.

la #Meloni e peggio di #Trump
intervenga il capo dello stato
per fare #ImpeachmentDay

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Tutti contro Conte. Nn è normale.

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Ma quanto è attuale?
La bacerei in fronte.

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Quoted @Lucrezi97533276

Come non amare il Professor Galli ❤️❤️❤️

Professor #Galli 1000 vs #Renzi 0

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Quoted @LaNotiziaTweet

Furbate non intelligenti. Il leader di #ItaliaViva mosso da invidia personale. Parla il sociologo Domenico De Masi: "Ormai nessuno si fida più di #Renzi"

tutti sono riusciti a capire che #renzi e come un Bimbo

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Quoted @MessariCrypto

$KIN was the top performing Web3 token of 2020, up 1,857% YoY

+ In 2020 Kin resolved its legal dilemma with the SEC, paying a $5M fine

+ began migration from Stellar to @solana

$Kin a great project

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Quoted @Coin98Analytics

The more validators, the more secure the blockchain.

Here is the list of the number of validators on popular blockchains (ex. $ETH).



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Quoted @thorchain_org

THORChain lists ETH.RUNE on @SushiSwap 🍣 to make inroads into the Ethereum Defi community. Initial pairs:


ETH.RUNE is a transitionary asset to grow liquidity ahead of the launch of THOR.RUNE and the Ethereum Bifröst.

#THORChain lists $ETH. $RUNE on
$Sushi with copies


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Quoted @MessariCrypto

Top DeFi performer of 2020: $AAVE, up a whopping 6,372% YoY

very satisfied for

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Top 10 coins by AltRank™ as of 5:15PM UTC Tue, Jan 12 on
$nano #nanocurrency
$xlm #stellarlumens
$sushi #sushiswap
$mkr #makerdao
$avax #avalanche
$zec #zcash
$comp #compound
$ada #cardano
$mana #decentraland
$aave #aave

I'm happy with my projects

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