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Name: Khai
Twitter: @blackbirdkhai

I’m feel so loved & supported right now 🥺. Thank you Halsey for this opportunity and thank you to all those sharing and showing love. 😭💙💙💙

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Just found out “mbn” doesn’t mean “my bad nigga”

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Do I have a crush on this person? Or do they just look like someone I really miss.

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With that being said, do your research before you shout appropriation at Black folks. Factor in the systematic oppression of traditional African culture (except a whitewashed Egypt). Our culture wasn’t taught, romanticized, or shown in the same ways as everyone else’s.

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The reason why we see Black people doing certain things & automatically think its Asian, is because Asian culture was deemed more socially acceptable by European standards. Thus media shows Asian culture WAY more than African culture. This ties into colorism & Asian privilege.

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Meditation/Spiritual Practices:

Hinduism & Buddhism in Africa began in early 1st millennium AD when there was trade between East Africa and Indian subcontinent. Generations of Asians & Africans share these practices. Let Black ppl align they chakras in peace like we been doing.

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Head Ornaments:

I see people scream appropriation when Black ppl wear head ornaments, stop that. 🙃 Also stop calling them bindi’s on Black people, that term is native to the Indian subcontinent.

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I know most people have heard of a sari, well a lappa is very similar. The use of prints & a long drape of fabric is prevalent in both cultures. The necklines and shapes are very similar as well. It’s basically the same clothes in a different font.

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Hair Styles:

I started with this one bc this is the only comparison that Asians are accused of appropriating more than Black people (almost). From braids to gravity defying styles, Africans & Asians share many similar culturally derived hairstyles.

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Shocking Connections between traditional Asian & African Culture
(For Those Who Cry Appropriation)

Left: @blackbirdkhai Right: @kimona187

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So, are we ready to talk about how gentrification is the modern tool of genocide and white supremacy?

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Replying to @blackbirdkhai: Thread on why a product exchange is not a substantial equivalent to a post advertisement:

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We are specialists. Pay us.

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5. “High quality content and access to an influencers large, dedicated audience comes at a price. For many influencers, creating content is their full time job. And they’ve worked for years perfecting their craft and building a following.”

-Influencer Marketing Hub.

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4. A brand will continue to benefit from the ad via sales making hundreds, if not thousands. But once the influencer received the product thats the end of the benefits for them. So brand continues to profit off the ad while the influencers got 0 dollars... but hey nice gift 🙃

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3. Creation expenses. That backdrop, that outfit, that lighting, it all costs money. And to keep the viewer experience fresh, new stuff is often required.

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Thread on why a product exchange is not a substantial equivalent to a post advertisement:

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2. You wouldn’t pay a billboard company in lipgloss to advertise lipgloss. That billboard company isn’t doing advertisement to get lipgloss, they’re doing advertisement to get money. Same goes for influencers. 🙂

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1. The influencers receive the product to advertise the product anyways

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