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Play this while you watch the Inauguration on Wednesday.

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.@torreypeters's debut novel, Detransition, Baby, wades into two of the most vulnerable questions for trans women

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The Lodge, The Host, Anna and the Apocalypse, and more

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Over four decades, Nancy Meyers has created a very specific filmmaking language. Here is the key

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Here is every possible thing to watch on Inauguration Day, whether you're a TV person or streaming person.

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Yes, John Dillermand is a show about giant, uncontrollable genitalia, but it’s also a story about hope

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The 24 video games we can't wait to play in the year ahead

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Music producer Phil Spector has died at the age of 81

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"What if I dropped the future queen of England?"

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Plastic Hearts is an album both in awe of and in conversation with the classics, whose melodies wear their inspirations proudly

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#WandaVision is a comedy and a mystery, a superhero story and a period-piece spoof. It’s a Marvel movie, and a TV show. And, somehow, it all works

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Your complete guide to watching (or rewatching) Mad Men

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Is there an actor today who’s more interesting to look at than Riz Ahmed?

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It’s hard to resist the charms of Scott Pilgrim's musical high point: Brie Larson’s performance as Envy Adams

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Promising Young Woman is a vibrant, stylistically precise piece of work, but the sentiments it conveys don’t feel examined

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The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is addictive and ever-expanding. To keep up, you must choose a path

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While Leo is not hot in every movie he dies in, in every movie he’s hot in, he dies

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To understand the history of Kim Cattrall's alleged feud with the Sex and the City cast, you have to first understand the history of Kim herself

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⚡️ This week at Vulture, @rachel_handler is saluting Nancy Meyers' cinematic universe — who and what comprises it, how it stands together as a genre of its own, why she's so drawn to it, and why all the turtlenecks

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