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Singer-Songwriter. Political junkie. Foodie. #BidenHarris. You can find my music here:

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Ending today with this. Good night. 💚

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Never forget that @Hyatt proudly and happily allowed the CPAQ terrorist gathering to be held in their hotel. I’ll never stay at one of their hotels again because of it. That’s a promise.

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Whilst Matt Sclapp is upset that his terrorist rally was caught with a giant Nazi symbol for a stage, the grifting racist piece of shit also was also paid $750,000 to help push for a pardon for a GQP donor, a push that was unsuccessful. I’m upset FBI haven’t raided his home yet.

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Quoted @atrupar

This is an odd chyron. "Cooperating" with Republicans doesn't mean caving to them.

Exactly this.

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Quoted @MeidasTouch

We have put out 500 body bags outside of CPAC as a reminder of the 500,000+ Americans we have lost.

Thank you for always being on point.

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It’s nice to read that @CNN and @MSNBC refused to play Orange Agolf Twitler’s hateful rambling and lies.

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The only place Ron DeSantis belongs in is a prison cell for his murderous rampage during the pandemic. Him being popular at the terrorist CPAC means absolutely nothing.

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My entire Puerto Rican family haven’t used Goya Products since their vile lunatic ceo went full MAGA cultist and now that he attended CPAQ to further incite violence by lying about the election for a white supremacist, we’ll continue to boycott. Piece of shit pendejo.

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Today at the CPAQ terrorist Nazi rally, Agolf Twitler will just continue inciting more attacks against the US by lying about the election and then a bunch of rabid lunatics will praise his every word like a Dictator. There, I spared you from seeing any clips of it.

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Since pervert Kavanaugh is trending again, I’d like to know who paid all of his debts and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat for a sexual predator.

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In case you weren’t told today, you are courageous, you are intelligent, you are powerful, you are wondrous, you are appreciated and you are so loved. Good night. 💙🙏

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It still baffles my fucking mind that Seditionists Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ken Paxton (currently under criminal indictment), Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz and more all incited a deadly attack against the US and instead of being in prison, they’re inciting again at a terrorist convention.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a difference between, GQPers, white supremacists, white nationalists or neo-Nazis, so when I see people say that Paul Gosar spoke at a “white nationalist event” yesterday, all I hear is he openly spoke at a KKK event and media fully ignored it.

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Never forget that aside from Mike Pompeo being criminal goon as well as the worst Secretary of State in US history, he also helped Kushner and the MAGA regime cover up the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

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Quoted @ktumulty

NEW: How falsehoods helped propel the career of Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a new pro-Trump star of the far right. By @PostKranish

They are called lies.

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Quoted @KenPaxtonTX

Beautiful day in Mar-a-Lago with my favorite President. Headed to @CPAC next. Can’t wait to see everyone! #CPAC2021 #Trump

Thumbs up if you want to see both of these assholes in prison. 👍

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Circling around the area of CPAQ. 👏

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Aside from Paul Gosar being one of the dumbest crooks in Congress, he’s a propagandist, a Seditionist and a white supremacist.

This is the reason why all his siblings voted and campaigned against him.

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Many of you have asked for it, so here’s the full version of my song ‘I’m So Sorry’ as a tribute to all who have lost their lives and lost loved ones from Coronavirus. #ImSoSorry #RIP

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