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During the Apollo programme, the American government’s demand for cutting-edge kit sowed the seeds of the computing age to come

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How will Joe Biden's administration handle covid-19? For rigorous and fair-minded analysis of America's next chapter, sign up to Checks and Balance, our weekly newsletter on US politics

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In the race between infections and injections, infections are winning

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Bookmark The Economist's new hub to keep tabs on Joe Biden's domestic and foreign policies, as well as our latest stories on American politics

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Around 25% of poll respondents who said Facebook was their main source of election fraud news also said they hold a favourable opinion of QAnon

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China’s southern provinces are outperforming northern ones in nearly every economic dimension

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Never have consecutive presidential inaugurations been so different

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"My screen hours now actually exceed my waking ones." Virginia Heffernan on life online From @1843mag

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Replying to @JamesMAstill: My piece on the inauguration

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My piece on the inauguration

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Replying to @EconCulture: If “Quo Vadis, Aida?” wins an Oscar it may influence the way Srebrenica is remembered around the world…

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Down a long, slimy tunnel in Warsaw, you’ll find a number of clams hooked up to computers. On “The Intelligence” @GeorgiaBanjo explains why

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Missing the knowing grin or a subtle smile? You're not alone From @1843mag

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Donald Trump issued more executive orders in his first 100 days in office than Barack Obama and George W. Bush. How will Joe Biden compare? Follow along as we track them here

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In November, Scotland became the first country in the world to offer free pads and tampons to all women

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Knowledge of another language can open up a whole new world of art, history, literature and food. But which is the best to learn? From the @1843mag archive

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Manaus was the first Brazilian city to experience a covid-19 crisis, and seemed to be out of the woods. @sarahmaslin tells “The Intelligence” how it all went wrong again

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The plain delicacy of Daniel Loedel’s prose suits not only the horror of his subject, but also his debut novel’s risky premise

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“There’s a lot of potential legal trouble ahead for Donald Trump.” @stevenmazie tells “Checks and Balance” why the president faces a tricky few months, even after impeachment

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We're tracking Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office. Bookmark this page to keep tabs on his cabinet, executive orders and which issues are most important to Americans

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If “Quo Vadis, Aida?” wins an Oscar it may influence the way Srebrenica is remembered around the world

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