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Bridging national divide w/ a 21st century economic vision for new jobs & more pay in places left behind. No PAC $$. Pro-growth progressive. Obama Commerce alum

Silicon Valley, CA

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✅ Ongoing PPE shortage in the worst wave of the pandemic yet
✅ Americans still waiting on a second relief package
✅ Commonsense measures like mask wearing still politicized

It’s long past time for comprehensive action on COVID-19. Let’s get to work.

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During this pandemic, Yemen has evolved into the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

We have an opportunity to reshape America's foreign policy and role on the global stage—and we must make ending the war in Yemen a top priority in that process.

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The Senate managed to pass a SCOTUS nominee in 30 days, but can’t pass any meaningful relief for Americans?

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For the millions of Americans who have been left behind during the pandemic, $2000 a month isn't a "handout." It's diapers for their children, it's food on the table, it's the heating bill. We have the power to help, and we need to use it.

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College costs have skyrocketed while incomes have remained nearly stagnant. It’s no wonder how we’ve reached this point.

The student debt crisis is preventing millions from having savings, owning a home, starting a business and more. It’s long past time for comprehensive relief.

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This is an outstanding vision, @billpeduto, @YtownTitoBrown, @nanwhaley, @MayorGinther, @JohnCranley, @HuntingtonMayor, Ron Dulaney Jr., and @louisvillemayor. This should be a top priority in the first 100 days.

The brilliant framing in this piece is that it is deindustrialization & an unfettered market that is costing jobs, not government policy. The government is part of the solution to diversify the economy & create regional jobs. We should be crushing Republicans on a jobs message.

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America's pandemic response so far has prioritized corporations and stock markets over human lives. We have to radically reevaluate where our money is going during the largest disaster in a century.

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The messages from friends and colleagues that I’ve received over the past 15 hours have been humbling. 

Honored to announce, officially, that I have been nominated to serve as Secretary of State. If confirmed, this is a mission I will take on with my full heart.

.@ABlinken is an honorable and thoughtful public servant who was helpful during our work to end the war in Yemen. He has always been open to engaging progressives. I look forward to working with him to bring an end to the worst humanitarian catastrophe in modern times.

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My mother taught me to lead with the power of kindness and compassion to make the world a better place. I’ve carried that lesson with me throughout my career in Foreign Service – and, if confirmed, will do the same as Ambassador to the United Nations.

.@LindaT_G is an inspired choice. It is refreshing to see the post go to a dedicated foreign service officer as opposed to someone simply with political connections, big money behind them, or celebrity. She will represent us in a way that makes me proud of our nation.

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Replying to @fshakir: Solid choice. Leaders around the world will assume that when Blinken speaks, he speaks for Biden

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As we push for climate change policies these next four years, let us remember that nothing is as environmentally devastating as war.

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We need an eviction moratorium. We need rental assistance. But we can’t stop there if we’re going to support people through the worst wave of the pandemic yet. We need a fresh source of security for Americans in need: $2,000/month.

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Replying to @mattduss: This is a good choice. Tony has the strong confidence of the president-elect and the knowledge and experience for the importa…

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Quoted @tylerpager

SCOOP: It's official. Tony Blinken will be Joe Biden's secretary of state, and the announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday, sources tell me, @jeneps and @SalehaMohsin

This is a good choice. Tony has the strong confidence of the president-elect and the knowledge and experience for the important work of rebuilding US diplomacy.

It will also be a new and great thing to have a top diplomat who has regularly engaged with progressive grassroots.

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We have to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, for free, to everyone as soon as it’s ready.

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Flournoy supported the war in Iraq & Libya, criticized Obama on Syria, and helped craft the surge in Afghanistan. I want to support the President’s picks. But will Flournoy now commit to a full withdrawal from Afghanistan & a ban on arms sales to the Saudis to end the Yemen war?

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Solid choice. Leaders around the world will assume that when Blinken speaks, he speaks for Biden

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33 million Americans are living in financial limbo because of student debt, and continuing to pause payments is not a permanent solution. We need comprehensive student debt relief, and we need it now.

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There is no economic recovery without efforts to get the pandemic under control. Period.

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Enhanced unemployment benefits saved millions of Americans. After they ended, 7 million people fell into poverty.

Since then, we’ve done nothing to help people get through this crisis. We need to extend assistance to the American people now.

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15 to 16 million of America’s most vulnerable children are missing vital parts of their education right now because they don’t have adequate internet access. They deserve so much better from us. Broadband for all isn’t just policy, it’s an urgent humanitarian need.

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