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Author: THE FIGHT FOR THE SOUL OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (Verso: May 2020). @TheNation. @CapTimes. @freepress. @theprogressive. Follower of Tom Paine.

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As we enter the festive holiday season, First Lady Melania Trump offers a warm reminder of how the Christmas spirit has been embraced by the departing occupants of the White House.

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Howard Zinn, a young World War II veteran, was an ardent supporter of former Vice President Henry Wallace’s campaigning against racism and fascism. Like Wallace, he believed it was vital to recognize segregation as a form of “Americanized fascism.”

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Replying to @TedemanCPA: @NicholsUprising Great stuff. ...The whole story of Henry Wallace and the progressive side back in those days needs to be…

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@NicholsUprising Great stuff. ...The whole story of Henry Wallace and the progressive side back in those days needs to be re-claimed by the Left if there is to be any real hope for the future.

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Donald Trump's campaign spent $3 million for the #WisconsinRecount. It's done and it has confirmed Joe Biden won the state by MORE votes than was reported in the initial count. With all the ballots from Milwaukee and Dane counties reviewed, Biden is up by an additional 87 votes.

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Dane County certifies #WisconsinRecount results on Sunday morning:

Biden: 260,094 (-91)
Trump: 78,754 (-46)

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“What this recount showed is that there was absolutely no voter fraud in this election.”
— Dane County Clerk Scott McDonnel announcing #WisconsinRecount results for the county on Sunday morning

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Betty Friedan, a young reporter for the UE News, the newspaper of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America union, was an enthusiastic supporter of former Vice President Henry Wallace’s anti-fascist, anti-racist campaigning in the 1940s.

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📌 Kvelling here. A glowing review by @JamesStewartNYT of BIG DIRTY MONEY appears in print in the New York Times Book Review on page 10 today, Sunday, November 29, 2020.

@nytimesbooks @VikingBooks

Brilliant review of a brilliant book by @jentaub!

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Georgia GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler Just Got Caught Violating the Law | The Nation

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Editorial: The Wisconsin Legislature is a gerrymandered swamp run by self-serving Republicans | Editorial |

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John Nichols: Trump’s desperate last gasp is a scheme to disenfranchise Black and brown voters, students and progressives | John Nichols |

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A teenaged Noam Chomsky translated Henry Wallace campaign literature into foreign languages. I interviewed Chomsky for my book on Wallace’s anti-fascist, anti-racist politics. He was one of a generation of activists who came of age as Wallace campaigners.

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Dane County’s #RECOUNT2020 is just about done. The deadline will be met. It will confirm Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin. The Trump campaign spent $3 million to fund the recount, and it has gone very well.. for Biden.

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I’m happy to see that President-elect @JoeBiden has now passed 19.8 million followers. Do me a favor — let’s get him to 20 million by the end of Thanksgiving weekend!! 🍁

Wish fulfilled: @JoeBiden passes 20M followers.

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With an overwhelming mandate to lead in a more mature manner than his infantile predecessor, Joe Biden commits to govern from furniture made for adults.

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Tens of thousands are protesting across France today to block proposals by Macron, which threaten to undermine press freedom, limit the public’s right to know, and make it harder to stop police violence.

@JLMelenchon @FranceInsoumise

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Running in 1950, he challenged Red Scare McCarthyism, Cold War militarism and structural racism, and won more than 205,729 votes from New Yorkers.

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William Edward Burghardt Du Bois ran for the U.S. Senate on the ticket of New York State’s independent, left-wing American Labor Party. His platform called for economic and social and racial justice, an end to colonialism, and the pursuit of peace.

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Me? I’m thankful for the vital role that #nativevote2020 played in flipping the states of Wisconsin and Arizona from Trump in 2016 to President-elect Biden in 2020.

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“To work together without slipping into an American fascism will be the central problem of postwar democracy.”
— Vice President Henry Wallace

More than 75 years ago, Wallace warned us about the crisis we are facing in 2020.

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