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Kamala Harris has resigned from the Senate, moving trucks are unloading at Mar-a-Lago, and Trump has released a list of the 244 people he wants to have statues of in his "National Garden of American Heroes"

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Every aspect of Lisa Montgomery’s case is tragic

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A peaceful and orderly relinquishment of power by this president was never in the cards

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"Trump was consumed with envy for his predecessor and obsessed with undoing his work. His failure was nearly total," writes @JonathanChait

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See inside a Water Mill carriage house where the art world gathered in the ’60s

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Frankly, they're just downright fun to use

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#AskABoss: "Does it ever make sense to let an employer know that you suffer from depression?"

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#MyTwoCents: "Should I even bother trying to save while I still have credit-card debt, or is it better to tackle things one at a time?" @CharlotteCowles responds

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Choosing products with fewer ingredients means creating fewer opportunities for those ingredients to cause irritation

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American Dirt was one of publishing's most hyped books, then became its biggest horror story. @lilapearl reports on the implosion of Jeanine Cummins's best-selling novel

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Including some actually-not-faux preserved plants that require zero maintenance

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"The skateboard! It’s all too much. He definitely loved Boondock Saints in college."

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Remembering a shining (alleged) example of rock-star carelessness creating a headache for the cleanup crew

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"Without cafés, or bars, or restaurants, the vacuum of no-stakes conversations with people I might never see again has started to feel particularly acute"

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And if you know how revered Commando thongs are among stylists and costume designers, you know this is the highest possible compliment

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"As always, Trump’s willingness to use his power in untoward ways should never be underestimated"

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There's more than one name (and more than one price point) in the game when it comes to spinning at home

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Thanks to audiobooks, an inspiring running book can also be an inspiring (and socially-distant) training partner

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Sunday's state capitol protests were a collective non-event, startling new videos of the Capitol riot have emerged, and the FBI has charged multiple far-right extremists involved in the siege

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