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A fresh new NHL and Lifestyle Podcast with Hosts Obie, Updogg, and Broadway Jimmy Hayes. Produced by Kevin Connolly and Action Park Media Group.

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Great chat with @ScottieUpshall on the Show today! He'll be with us every Thursday at 5:00 with @JasonGregor & @Jason_Strudwick

You want him? You got him!!!

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A fresh new episode of @missincurfew drops tomorrow πŸ‘€

The fellas are doing a little World Junior recap + teeing up a National League 2021 season preview!!

@ShaneOBrien55 @ScottieUpshall
@Jimmy10Hayes @mrkevinconnolly


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Barzal 3 years. 1) $4 mil. 2) $7mil 3) $10 mil.

Hum Now captain @mrkevinconnolly

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#HappyNewYear2021 πŸŽ‰ Looking back when @Jimmy10Hayes and @ScottieUpshall suited up and played in the annual January 1st Winter Classic @MissinCurfew

High flying fellas!

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Comin soon to a Missin curfew website near you πŸŒπŸΌβ€β™‚οΈβ›³οΈ

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Boys unleashing a few @Bonnaroo stories sittin at the Missin Curfew Roundtable!!


#musicfestival #NHL

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A Christmas Greeting from the fellas!! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ€ΆπŸ»

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Crushed my first @MissinCurfew unreal pod boys. @DaveBolland πŸ”₯ #pucktalk

We’ll keep the πŸ”₯ comin Tyson... let’s Go!!

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🚨@MissinCurfew Episode 15. @RussCourtnall is now available 🚨


Rusty bebe! What a guy!! Better friend of the POD! @RussCourtnall

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The Updogg has a half chub watching this ... Run through a wall and into your weekend after watching the hawks national anthem at the United Center


Tough to keep Updogg under control in Chi Town!

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Fuckin Flowers....


This f@ck’n guy!!! β€œ00”

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β€œUpdog, it’s FRIDAY NIGHT, Time to hit the clubs!”

Nobody loves Friday’s like the @missincurfew boys!! Hummmm now.

Volume UP! πŸŽ›

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.@DaveBolland fucks ... @missincurfew Episode 13 is Available Now!! (Link in Bio)

He sure does @curfewclips

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@StuMunrue Towel placement is key. #jumbo

This Jumbo guy absolutely F@cks!

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Episode 11. Shattenkirk - The best lineup reader in the National League

@missincurfew @shattdeuces

Our boy, Stanley Cup Champ, @shattdeuces doing what legends do best... being a legend

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Replying to @curfewclips: Episode 11. Shattenkirk - The best lineup reader in the National League

@missincurfew @shattdeuces https://t.co/BP87FcgM…

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