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Me official. Me love cookies! Me officially love cookies.

Sesame Street

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Quoted @ImoveCar

Meanwhile volcanic rocks are being found in Brazil that look like Cookie Monster

Me no geologist, but me think dat rock look a lot like me...

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COWABUNGA! Christmas is here! Bring on da holiday cooooookies!

 10,938  99  1,541

Calling all me cookie loving friends! Me looking for new cookie recipe!

 5,537  209  476

Friday night and it #NationalCookieDay... Me one very happy monster!

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Thanksgiving: day to eat and eat and eat some more. Now DAT my kind of holiday!

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Me think kindness means sharing cookies. Me prefer to eat all da cookies, but me can be kind and share too. #WorldKindnessDay

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Me no can tweet today. Me too hungry.

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🎶 Tastes like cooookies
On a Sesame evening
And it sounds just like a crumble
Me want more cookies
And that crunchy feeling
It so chocolatey and warm 🎶

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Ice cream truck passed by today. Why there no cookie trucks? Could be new business opportunity!

 24,084  376  3,725

Me love virtual playdates! Me always in charge of da virtual snacks! Me friends @BigBird & @AbbyCadabbySST have a contest for one lucky winner to join them for virtual songs, games, and more. Me think dis your BIG chance, so enter now! #CaringForEachOther

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Cookie is a sometimes food. Luckily, that some time is now! 🍪

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Quoted @Cubs

🍪 🍪 🍪

Me remember dis day like it was yesterday...

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Acting silly, what's happening? Me a monster!

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Me new daily schedule:

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How many cookies you eat today? Me lost count for meself.

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Uh hi @TheEllenShow! Me just want to say me available for phone call if you need cookie break. We can catch up on latest chocolate chippie news, and me spill all the Sesame tea. Me think you got me number in your contacts…

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Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie.

 19,026  170  5,303

Me miss ice cream trucks. Me need summer…

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Treating meself because #ValentinesDay 🍪

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Me need secret admirer to send me cookies…

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