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Books: Pictures at a Revolution (08), Five Came Back (14, Netflix 17), Mike Nichols (21). Writer/columnist, @nymag/@vulture. Tweets, politics, errors my own.

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My mentions right now from those who love the movie.

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My reasons for not especially liking it are far less interesting than the reasons that others love it. In that spirit, let me recommend @bilgeebiri, a great admirer of Barry Lyndon, in this podcast episode with @labuzamovies.

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It's on a list of movies I revisit every five or ten years to see if this time, I'll fall in love. Sometimes it happens. And when it doesn't, I still find it satisfying to bang my head against why I don't see (or feel) what others do.

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I am two or seventeen hours into a rewatch of Barry Lyndon. This tweet is a reminder to anyone who needs it that nobody has to like every movie.

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I just read that in their stupid song, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison rhyme "government overreach" with "disturbing our peace." So yes, canceled. I don't make the rules.

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A gigantic spider and a car full of young ladies...

One of the two people in my marriage would react exactly this way. I will not say more.

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3/3 Why do Dems hate Rock & Roll?

How's your big investigation into Netflix going? Did you just kind of lose interest? Find new worlds to conquer?

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It is 24 days after the election, New York has not finished counting its votes, the state's Board of Elections website has not updated vote totals since Nov. 9, and NYC's BOE website has not updated totals since Nov. 4.

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Hey Black Friday shoppers! MIKE NICHOLS: A LIFE comes out Feb. 2 and it's the perfect Christmas gift for that person in your life you're feeling slightly iffy about, like, "Of course I bought you a present. You'll get it in about six weeks." Preorder now!

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Is this real?! I can't stop laughing.

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JUST IN: President Trump snaps at reporter objecting to the President's false claims about the election: "You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way."

Big Olivia Colman "Did you just look at me? Look at me! HOW DARE YOU! Close your eyes!" energy here

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Happiest Season is sweet and funny and charming--very good post-meal entertainment. See it before the Supreme Court outlaws it 5-4 because Amy Coney Barrett googled "does the Constitution mention Kristen Stewart yes or no" and couldn't find anything.

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(Sorry to whatever Twitter account I'm failing to credit for unearthing this, but it came to me third-hand.)

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This contains multitudes. Geraldine Page and James Dean, 1955, NYC.

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Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving, and a year that lightens your burdens, whatever they may be, and lifts your spirits.

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I really like this list by @aoscott and @ManohlaDargis--it feels both thoughtful and capricious, as most fun lists do. My advice: Don't fight it; just imagine that a followup, "The OTHER 25 Greatest Actors of The 21st Century," is pending.

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hiiiii some personal news ✨✨✨✨

a couple weeks ago i left vulture/nymag to build a newsletter at @SubstackInc. im so excited to introduce you to my new job, Hung Up 💗

Easiest decision to subscribe I've made in ages.

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Everyone has gone at Hillbilly Elegy pretty hard, so all I have to add is something I would also say about a lot of recent movies (and novels): Making yourself the bravest, most honest, most decent person in your story is almost never a good dramatic or narrative idea.

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I love Grammy nomination day because I know nothing about anything that's nominated, and therefore reading all of the outraged tweets helps me remember that to most people, those of us who like to argue about the Oscars sound batshit crazy.

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Would you like to pre-order a copy of my new book MIKE NICHOLS: A LIFE? Here's where to go. (This'll direct you to both major and independent-bookstore options.) I hope you'll consider it. As in the rest of life, early voting is good. Help a writer out!

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