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The House’s partisan vote reflects a deliberately partisan process and a missed opportunity to meet Americans’ needs. My full statement:

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Washington should focus on practical policies to finish this fight. Accelerate vaccinations. Get kids back in school. Help laid-off Americans get rehired.

Instead, Democrats are pushing a partisan bill, packed with non-COVID-related spending & bad ideas that will slow recovery.

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TUNE IN NOW: I am joining @BretBaier to discuss Republicans’ work to help our nation reopen and recover — and the $1.9T liberal spending plan the Democrats are focused on instead.

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Only about 1% of the Democrats’ partisan plan goes to vaccines. Only about 5% of its K-12 funding would even go out this fiscal year.

Democrats are not addressing the urgent needs of a re-opening America. They started with a preconceived liberal wish-list and worked backwards.

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This evening I joined congressional leaders on the Capitol steps in a moment of silence for the 500,000 American lives lost to the coronavirus.

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Science and data disprove the Democrats' notion that K-12 schools need their new spending plan before they can open safely.

Under their plan, about 95% of the K-12 money would not even go toward the current year’s budget.

Stop letting Big Labor move the goalposts on our kids.

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The facts are clear: In-person schooling is essential for kids and can be safe. France and Spain have been doing it. The U.K. will have kids back in two weeks. A study from our own CDC last month found that schools can operate safely.

Why won't Democrats accept the science?

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The partisan bill Democrats are preparing is stuffed with non-COVID-related liberal goals and more band-aid policies as if the country were going to stay shut down another year.

We need 2021 to be different than 2020. Congress should focus on smart policies to help that happen.

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Families across Kentucky are still recovering from a week of punishing weather. I am grateful to everyone who pitched in and helped their neighbors stay safe. My team and I are focused and ready to help in the recovery.

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Rush Limbaugh was a generational media trailblazer. He gave a voice to millions of conservative Americans whom the mainstream media had not even tried to represent. His impact is impossible to overstate. May he rest in peace.

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For the three and a half decades that my friend Richard Shelby has served in the Senate, the people of Alabama have had a true heavyweight champion in their corner. I’m glad our friend still has two more years to continue his important and effective work here in the Capitol.

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Democrats' so-called relief bill includes Sen. Sanders’s minimum wage proposal that would kill 1.4M American jobs. This after the President killed many thousands of jobs with Keystone XL.

Killing jobs and destroying opportunity — that's their idea of pandemic relief?

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Democrats admitted last March: They see the pandemic as an opportunity to ram through ideological change.

That's why they are now pushing a sprawling $1.9T plan that even liberal economists say is poorly targeted to the urgent needs of our nation.

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George Shultz was one of the great Americans of our time. Nobody better exemplified a thoughtful, principled, and patriotic commitment to public service. A scholar-statesman for the ages. My full statement:

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Pres. Biden's own scientists agree school appears to be quite safe and we should get our kids back.

Congress sent massive sums for K-12 schools in 2020. Hardly any of it has been spent yet.

Federal funding is not the issue. It's Big Labor moving the goalposts on kids & parents.

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We’ve heard a lot of talk about unity, but White House staff and congressional Democrats are working from the opposite playbook. Senate Republicans will be ready and waiting with a host of amendments to improve the rushed procedural step that’s being jammed through.

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Science tells us that in-person school can be safe — and is crucial for children’s futures. We cannot keep this essential part of our society on indefinite hiatus.

No more goalpost-moving from Big Labor. Kids have sacrificed enough. States and districts need to get this done.

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Science has spoken and the evidence is clear: It is time to get kids back in school.

Experts say that with basic precautions, risks of transmission are low. And the costs of the online-only approach for kids are very high.

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Just received the safe, effective COVID vaccine following continuity-of-government protocols. Vaccines are how we beat this virus.

Now back to continue fighting for a rescue package including a lot more money for distribution so more Americans can receive it as fast as possible.

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