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If we’re being honest. I bleed yinzer and I curse a lot.

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It’s to the point of the season where I’m still so bitter about the Steelers loss, I gotta find ways to sprinkle salt on every team left. So yeah, good for the Bills winning and all, but LOL that their fans have waited FOREVER for this moment, and they can’t pack the stadium.😂

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Lol. Let the Chiefs handle the Browns tomorrow, and idgaf who wins it from here. Cause at the end of the day, still only gonna be 2 teams with 6, and ravens and browns fans gotta stfu like the rest of us.

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Damnit I hope Lamar isn’t hurt. I want to see him finish out another shitter for us in the post season. They never get old to see.

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Lololololol. Oh? Lamar failing to be a good QUARTERBACK? Nooo. It couldn’t be. Gospel at this point. Great running back. Bad quarterback.

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Quoted @KevinAdams26

Few things make me happier than seeing Justin Tucker miss a field goal.

Yep, still true.

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You know what I was thinking about a lot lately? Did the Steelers run ANY trick plays this season? Anything where we said “wow that was a really nice play design.” Like that rams hook and latter? So yeah, Idc who the OC is, just give us something new, please, for the love of God.

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You know what the coolest part of Twitter is? I tweeted that Chiefs video earlier. And the 3 other guys that went with me to that game, I actually met through Twitter and tailgating. Yeah there’s some shitballs on here, but you can also find your people here too.

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Lol. Yes I threatened to quit a 6 figure job for the Steelers. I told y’all. This shit means everything to me.

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Fun fact. The company I worked for at this time wasn’t willing to give me off for this, Or the AFC title game the following week. So I said well, that sucks. Find someone else to close your deals. Cause I aint missing it. They called an hr later and said see ya when you get back.

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Just when I was starting to heal. Snap had to remind me that 4 years ago today, I got to experience Arrowhead, and our last playoff dub. Of the 20 stadiums I’ve seen the Steelers play in.. nothing like Arrowhead. Men. Women. Children. Nobody sits for 3.5 hours. THATS HOME FIELD!

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You know what the best trash talk is? My favorite trash talk? Winning.

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Quoted @ProFootballTalk

Chase Claypool calls the Browns "classless"

When we’re ready to admit the Steelers have a culture problem, I’ll be here. Like I been beating on this drum..We got embarrassed. It’s time to STFU. That’s how it works. Nobody likes the guy who keeps talking shit making excuses after getting drubbed. Great WR’s, but need to 🤐.

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Replying to @San629a: @KevinAdams26 @Alex_Kozora I know you would 🤷‍♀️

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@KevinAdams26 @Alex_Kozora I know you would 🤷‍♀️

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Replying to @derrick_daKidD: Only in Pittsburgh can you get absolutely throttled on defense 3 straight playoff games and still keep your job.

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Only in Pittsburgh can you get absolutely throttled on defense 3 straight playoff games and still keep your job.

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Yinz gotta forgive me. I just know this was our last real chance for a while. And it’s done now. With the cap issues, aging line, Ben another year older. Losing key players. This was our last real chance. This year. And it’s over. It fkn hurts to know it might be a while.

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Look I don’t wanna come on here and bitch about the Steelers everyday either. I hate doing it. That team means everything. It’s more than football to me. But I can’t continue to watch them do the same dumb shit and not speak out against it. I just wanna fkn win, man. That’s it.

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Here’s how I view this entire Steelers situation. Mike Tomlin is a defensive minded coach and our defenses have sucked for a long time. Second, he had a HOF qb for 14 years and mustered 1 title and many short comings. Are we really comfortable he can win it all WITHOUT a HOF QB?

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Honestly. I know it likely means we’re burning another year.. but if 7 wants to come back. I support it. The last year. Let us have fans. Let us send him out the way he deserves. Seeing the empty stadium and him crying on that bench aint right. We deserve to say goodbye properly.

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