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Can Trump have his account back, for like an hour tomorrow, so we can all tweet #yourefired at him?

#BidenHarrisInauguration #ByeByeTrump #Inauguration2021 #InaugurationDay #ConvictTrump #MAGA2020 #ByeDon

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Holy shit I’m already sick of the wives looking for Valentines Day Gifts on FB groups...All the guys are the same: He likes Whiskey and Craft Beer and [insert local baseball football or hockey team]

#baseball #ValentinesDay #AFCChampionship

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5 years ago my dog ate a piece of sausage that fell off the counter. He still runs into the kitchen every time he hears me cutting up sausage with hopes of getting another piece.

#SaturdayVibes #dogsoftwitter #homecooking #breakfast

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Weird how @laurenboebert carries a Glock. Isn’t she in the buy American, America First crowd. Can’t even carry a gun made by a US manufacturer?

#gun #Boebert #AmericaOrTrump #ImpeachmentDay

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10? Fucking 10? That’s it?

197 Republicans didn’t think his actions rise to the level of impeachment? Not even the fact that he didn’t try to send help?

#ImpeachmentDay #GOPComplicitTraitors #impeachment

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Is there any word on whether or not The Bloods are going to find a new color?

#NoFlyList #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpCult #CapitolRiots

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Movie Idea: @IncredibleCulk is a Senator and he defends the Capitol Building from intellectually challenged terrorists, Home Alone style.

#CapitolBuilding #ArrestThemAllNow #25AmendmentNow #HomeAlone #ArrestTrump #capitolbreach

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Miya Ponsetto is a lucky girl. If Trump hadn’t incited an insurrection, the entire country would be focused on her instead.

#ArrestTrumpNow #MiyaPonsetto #sohokaren

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Don’t forget that @mattgaetz pushed lies and conspiracy theories, about Antifa being responsible, on the Congressional floor.

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Quoted @AOC


My agreements with this woman are becoming more and more common.

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So the 6-9 @WashingtonNFL is going to make the playoffs but the 7-9 @Patriots won’t?

How the fuck do you make the playoffs with a 6-9 record. You should be automatically excluded if you’re under .500

#Patriots #NFL

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Oh right, these are the people who vote for you.

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If you’re concerned about COVID vaccine reacting with facial fillers, Your concerns are misplaced. You should be more concerned with the safety of injecting facial fillers into your body. You’re more likely to have a bad reaction to Botox, considering it’s done in living rooms.

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I’ll never understand why someone bombed downtown #Nashville...

But if they bombed something related to NBCs streaming service Peacock, in an attempt to keep The Office on Netflix, I’d completely understand.

#TheOffice #nashvillebombing

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Did Trump finally sign the stimulus bill to draw attention away from the Nashville Bomber being a Trump supporter?

#SeditiousGOP #NashvilleBomb #StimulusChecks

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Ordering @Instacart is so much fun...it’s like, Will I get the two items I actually need and just ordered a bunch of staples to get free delivery? Will I get a surprise bonus item? Maybe I’ll get an entirely different order of things I’ll never eat.

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Cartoon aren’t realistic. Pedro Pony in Peppa Pig is in the hospital with a broken leg. The children would be horrified if they saw what really happens.

#SundayBrunch #cartoons

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If you say “I know several doctors who say [something against CDC guidelines]” I immediately know you’re full of shit...you probably don’t know any doctors.

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Oh you mean the fucking radiologist #DrScottAtlas has resigned? How was a radiologist ever considered an infectious disease expert?

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Let’s never forget that President @realDonaldTrump is the first President to ever have to DOW drop below 30k during their term.

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