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Unlike traditional college debates, where speed and the ability to argue both sides of an issue are advantages, Ethics Bowl competitions involve a back-and-forth between teams and with their judges, where each can ask questions and respond

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In a Q&A, @Harvard_Law Professor Mark Tushnet discusses President Trump’s power to pardon himself or his associates

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On Tuesday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received this year’s Gleitsman International Activist Award from @harvardcpl

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Harvard students show off their latest work during this week's virtual Student Composers Festival

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Public health officials have warned for months of the possibility of a serious post-Thanksgiving surge in COVID-19 cases. If it does happen, a Harvard epidemiologist says, the signs should become apparent this week.

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More than a million Americans, disproportionately people of color, lack access to plumbing, a new study finds

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The achievement represents the first successful attempt to reverse glaucoma-induced vision loss, rather than merely stem its progression, the team said

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A group of Harvard undergraduates were among the first to glimpse life on the ocean floor about 10 miles off the coast of Santa Lucia, California, as part of their deep-sea biology course

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How can wearing a mask help keep you and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Beginning this week, the Student Composers Festival features work by 30 Harvard students and recent alumni

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Pastor Mel Kawakami, a @HarvardDivinity alum who has traveled all over the country comforting those struck by disaster, says nothing could have prepared him for Sandy Hook. #HarvardServes

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Frank Duehay, who served on the Cambridge City Council for nearly 36 years including 3 terms as mayor, was a Harvard alum and assistant dean and lecturer at @hgse 

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Researchers say to see how deeply interconnected the planet truly is, look no further than the massive ice sheets on the Northern Hemisphere and South Pole

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“I wanted to write a show that was very, very uplifting and positive and happy. Not only because it’s a children’s show, but also because that’s the kind of show that people need right now,” said composer/playwright Julia Riew ’21

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A new study shows how and when the first groups of land explorers became better walkers than swimmers

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A new arts course invites students to explore and blend visual art, film, dance, and music:

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Two recent graduates are helping to ease children's anxieties about COVID-19

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The @HarvardDivinity School hosts a Virtual Seasons of Light celebration—including music, readings by HDS students, the ritual kindling of many flames, and communal prayers and songs—tonight at 5:30pm EST:

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The COVID-19 outbreak has forced changes big and small, some of which are here to stay, Harvard experts say

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Replying to @Harvard_Law: Mtume Sangiewa ’23 enlisted in the U.S. Marines after high school. After training as a military police officer, he found…

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Mtume Sangiewa ’23 enlisted in the U.S. Marines after high school. After training as a military police officer, he found himself with an extraordinary assignment: he was headed to Washington, D.C. to guard President Barack Obama ’91.

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