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Looking forward to this event - please join us if you can!

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We rate @adidas ‘Good’ based on #GoodOnYou research. Compared to its competitors, Adidas is miles ahead in terms of sustainability and labour conditions. That being said, Adidas still has a way to go before it can be considered a truly ethical brand.

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There is a growing selection of ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ rated fashion brands creating sustainable gender-neutral and unisex clothing for every body.

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#upcycling vs. #recycling... what's the difference?

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Maximise your joy and relaxation with a #minimalist approach to #Christmas and the holiday season

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Discover why @whimsyandrow is one of our all-time favourite brands

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Miss treasure-hunting at your local vintage store? Take a look at our guide for vintage shopping online to get your second-hand fix.

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What's your favourite vintage style making a comeback?

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How ethical is @patagonia?

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"... Fashion has taken its first big steps towards embracing transparency and sustainability. However, one aspect of this evolution of consciousness has remained woefully neglected: fashion’s relationship with diversity, equity and inclusion."

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Instead of buying something new this #BlackFriday , why not recycle your unwanted clothes?

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Before you buy something, take a closer look at it and ask "How long will this last?" Did you know that globally, 80% of discarded textiles are doomed for landfill or incineration after an average of only 7 wears?! #TakeBackBlackFriday

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Before getting swept up in #BlackFriday deals, ask yourself "How much will I wear/use this?" #sustainablefashion #consciousconsumer

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"How much do I already own?" is a great question to ask before buying something in a #blackfriday sale. Turn your mindset from lack to abundance and rediscover your own wardrobe. #TakeBackBlackFriday

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Replying to @Fash_RevUSA: Before going #BlackFriday shopping, remember that a CEO of a fashion brand takes four days to earn what a garment worker w…

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Before going #BlackFriday shopping, remember that a CEO of a fashion brand takes four days to earn what a garment worker will make in her entire life. Ask brands #WhoMadeMyClothes and demand they take responsibility for the disparity.

👩‍💻: @Oxfam for @Fash_Rev

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Quoted @AOC

You can also thrift and buy second hand online, which helped me get higher quality, longer-lasting things that would normally be out of budget. Good luck!!

Great advice from @AOC to @CoriBush

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Miss this year's @CPHFashSummit? Catch up on the key takeaways thanks to @MrsPress and Claire Kalikman

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"Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, new research reveals sustainability is still ranked as the second most important strategic objective for businesses (60 percent) in the retail sector."

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It's here! Our biggest ratings system update to date. Our small but mighty team has worked hard behind the scenes for months, talking to industry experts to review and upgrade our ratings approach.

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