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Working for a sustainable 🌍 and secure #FutureofFood for all. Our actions are our future. Follow our Director-General QU Dongyu, @FAODG. #WorldFoodDay #FAO75

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It is the thread that connects us all.

We wouldn't have food if it didn't exist.

Our life & wellbeing depends on it.

What are we talking about?



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Most of the 🌏's biodiversity lies beneath our feet!

#SoilBiodiversity helps 👇

🌱grow our food
💊develop new medicines
🌏fight climate change

We need to protect this precious resource.


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🌱 Plants produce most of the food we eat. Protecting plants means protecting life!

Here's what you can do to protect them 👇


#IYPH2020 #PlantHealth

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Do you have a garden? Be sure to take care of your plants and the environment by using environmentally friendly methods.

Here is more on what you can do to protect #PlantHealth:


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Soils host a 1/4 of our planet's biodiversity. Yet, soil pollution puts this at risk.

It starts by reducing #soils’ biodiversity, which weakens the soil structure and its ability to resist erosion.

7 things you can do to stop soil pollution 👇

#WorldSoilDay #SoilBiodiversity

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Join us now to talk #foodloss and #foodwaste with @DanSaladinoUK, @MaximoTorero, @TristramStuart, @LucieBasch, @ElettraW & @massimobottura.

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Replying to @UNEP: Join our Goodwill Ambassador @massimobottura & others for an @FAO discussion on the importance of reducing food loss and waste -…

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🌱 Plant health means food security, farmers' livelihoods and a healthy environment.

Join @DiarmuidDesigns, Champion for the #IYPH2020 for the Europe Region, and play a role in protecting #PlantHealth!


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Join us to talk #FoodLoss & #FoodWaste today at 15:00 CET with @DanSaladinoUK, @MaximoTorero, @TristramStuart, @LucieBasch, @ElettraW & @massimobottura on 👇

🔴Twitter @FAO

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Join our Goodwill Ambassador @massimobottura & others for an @FAO discussion on the importance of reducing food loss and waste - now and forever - at 3 pm CET today:

There is no room for food loss and waste in this time of crisis.

#thinkeatsave #ActNow

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📷 Camera traps are a great tool for studying wildlife, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

See how @FAO & partners are addressing wildlife conservation and food security 👉

#SWMProgramme #SustainableWildlife

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Buy local, buy seasonal & plan your meals says @massimobottura.

Tune in tomorrow to @FAO's talk on #foodloss & #foodwaste at 3pm CET to hear more from Massimo & others.

More info:

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How can we strengthen the potential of digital technology applications on food and agriculture and address the related challenges?

Register for the event on #DigitalAgriculture 👉

3rd Dec, 16:00 CET.

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Join us to talk #FoodLoss & #FoodWaste on 3 Dec, 15:00 CET with @ElettraW & others!

🔴Twitter: @FAO

More here

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The #COVID19 pandemic has further exacerbated existing inequalities, especially for rural women.

@FAO Mina Dowlatchahi, explains how FAO is supporting rural women in #Pakistan 👉

#OrangeTheWorld #16Days

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Join us to talk #FoodLoss & #FoodWaste on 3 Dec, 15:00 CET w/ @DanSaladinoUK, @MaximoTorero, @TristramStuart, @LucieBasch, @ElettraW & @massimobottura on 👇

🔴Twitter: @FAO

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We are happy to announce that @TheMontyDon is our new Goodwill Ambassador for International Year of #PlantHealth & @DiarmuidDesigns has been appointed as a Champion for #IYPH2020.

More details 👉

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Join us now to talk Plant Health with @missjanetellis and FAO's advocates for the International Year of Plant Health, @DiarmuidDesigns and @TheMontyDon.

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Join us to talk #PlantHealth at 3pm CET with @missjanetellis, @TheMontyDon & @DiarmuidDesigns on 👇

🔴Twitter @FAO

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Plants make up 80% of the food we eat! Keeping our plants healthy is vital for our #foodsecurity. We need to ensure that #planthealth is ensured beyond borders.

More info 👉

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Soil biodiversity is this year's theme for #WorldSoilDay!

Did you know soil is a living resource, home to more than 25% of our planet’s #biodiversity?


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