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I was just out for a little stroll today and look where I ended up and who I ran into!

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100th day of doing 100 pushups. Mission accomplished. Might have to keep it going.

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Can someone make it make sense to me what’s going on....?

This is why we don’t like the Eagles.

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What better way for @EliManning to celebrate his 40th Birthday than with his brother Cooper on the #ManningHour!

... Eh, there are probably better ways 😅

Coop said he would get me a birthday cake if I came on his show, I can’t believe I still fall for the Big Brother tricks.

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That’s how to start a must win game.

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We are dressed and ready. Let’s go Giants!

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Not sure what to wear for the Giants game today? My jersey or my birthday suit?

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Watching the Ole Miss/Indiana game and see a wr for Indiana with the last name Fryfogle. His dad was a WR with me at Ole Miss. It’s official, I am old.

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I am discovering so many hidden talents in retirement. Happy New Year!

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Sorry I have not sent any tweets lately. I have been putting together a Princess Kitchen Set. But now it Game Day, and you know what that means...

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Bittersweet to turn over my Corvette, but I had a great time fulfilling my #ALLinChallenge donation – and I know it’s in good hands. Big thanks to @michaelrubin @fanatics for raising $60M to feed those in need

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Game Time! Feeling good about tonight.

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Team awaits decision on Daniel Jones for Sunday night


Let DJ play!

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Rookie fantasy season is in the books, and just like live football, the learning curve was real!

Shoutout to @IBMWatson for the knowledge... and to my new pal @NoahSyken, who's currently (sadly) in the same boat I am...

#IBMAthlete #winwithwatson

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Oakley Debbs was 11 yrs old when he tragically passed away from a nut allergy. His family started #RedSneakersForOakley (@oakley_red), a non-profit dedicated to spreading awareness about the dangers of #foodallergies. Here are some facts you may not know.

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I recently met #TackleKidsCancer MVP Jack. He’s a great kid and fighting leukemia. To show their support his community took #ElisChallenge and organized a @Peloton ride Sun 12/20 @ 9:30AM. You can support Jack by riding or donating to his page #JACKSTRONG

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So, you are telling me there is a chance.

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We all could use some yoga these days. @Bengals DT @Mike_Daniels76 relaxes with us on this week's #ManningHour.

I think there is something seriously wrong with the host of this show.

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