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Daniel M. Heiferman, MD

Open cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery fellow at @SemmesMurphey, dad, husband, Chicagoan, @LNeurosurgery @Rushumedcollege @NorthwesternU alumnus

Memphis, TN, USA

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@MedCrisis The title speaks for itself

Remarkable! Ingenuity and wit at its finest.

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Thank you @KDKA Pittsburgh News and @MeghanKDKA for the wonderful live interview!

Using your airtime to improve mask wearing and fight #COVID19 is commendable!

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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The impact of your words may reach farther than publicly recognized.

#viral #BandaidMask

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If your message isn't reaching as far as you'd like, a change in venue may improve visibility and interest.

Varying spread of the #BandaidMask post across different #socialmedia platforms is notable.

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If you’re having a hard time with glasses fogging or keeping your mask up over your nose, a simple bandaid does wonders. Learned it in the OR.

Feel free to share, it may save lives!

Interested in lessons learned from going #Viral?

I'll be sharing insights from my experience with #BandaidMask going viral.

Stay tuned!


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My steps for #OperativeVideo audio post-processing:

1. Apply a compressor and limiter to rein in volume range

2. Minimize background noise with Noise or Hum Removal, and/or toggling Advanced Equalizer UI

3. Set volume between -6 to -12 dB

4. Apply audio fades


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Glad to see @BadgerFootball Head Coach @PaulChrystWISC found a mask solution!


@NUFBFamily #GoCats

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

Pre-photo (Right) credit to @darrenrovell's twitter

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@MiaFarrow Thank you for the 🩹😷 retweet! I hope it works well for you and your followers on Twitter!

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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Thank you @Sarah_Hyland for including the 🩹😷 trick in your #Instagramstory. I hope it works well for you and your followers!

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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@drsanjaygupta what do you do with your mask to prevent your loupes from fogging during a case?

Hoping to help share the tricks we’ve learned in the OR to help those learning proper mask wearing to battle #COVID19

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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#BandaidMask crossed 10 Million Impressions on Twitter!

Thank you all for sharing and spreading mask awareness!


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Thank you @thisisinsider and @AnnaMedaris for the wonderful 🩹😷 article!

Your promotion of proper mask wearing will make a difference in the fight against #COVID19

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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Thank you @BeckersSpine for the 🩹😷 trick article!

The more we can share of our experience in the operating to help people be comfortable with wearing masks, the safer we’ll all be.

#WearAMask #BandaidMask #Neurosurgery

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@SamChampion thank you for the retweet! Hope the 🩹😷 trick works well for you! Use it in good health

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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Thank you @3onyourside and @ShayA_WREG3 for the fantastic news coverage of the 🩹😷 trick! The awareness you bring to proper mask wearing will hopefully save many lives!

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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Quoted @JaclynLDunham

@DanHeifermanMD shared with me how he came up with an ingenious way to prevent eyeglasses from fogging up while wearing a face mask

Thank you @CTVNews and @JaclynLDunham for the fantastic 🩹😷 article! A great compilation of other suggestions to make mask wearing easier!

#WearAMask #BandaidMask

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Quoted @ohm_kimberly

#pen #art #neurosurgery #medicalillustration #medicalart #brain #anatomy #brainanatomy #illustration #sketchbook #medicine #veins #vessels #plexus #thalamus #ventricles #sinus #learningbydrawing

What a beautiful illustration highlighting the complicated region of the roof of the third ventricle, choroid fissure, and internal cerebral veins! @ohm_kimberly Thank you for sharing! #neuroanatomy

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Quoted @SemmesMurphey

Over the weekend, one of our Endovascular Neurosurgery Fellows, @DanHeifermanMD, went viral for a selfie wearing a surgical mask secured to his nose with a Band-Aid.

We are proud to have such an innovative and helpful fellow as part of our team!

Thank you @SemmesMurphey for the wonderful 🩹😷 article!

It’s an honor to get to train at such a world-renowned institution!

#BandaidMask #WearAMask

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Quoted @LNeurosurgery

Proud of our graduates! @DanHeifermanMD saving lives and sharing some #LifeProTips! Way to go Dan! #WearAMask

Thank you @LNeurosurgery for the retweet! Got an world-class #neurosurgery training from an amazing group of faculty and co-residents!

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