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6.8 miles below the sea is the Marianas Trench, and 6.8 miles below that is the bar Trump set for Biden.

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I’m looking forward to sweating the small stuff again.

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Easy compromise: Lower the maximum wage to $15/hour.

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Come for @AnthonyAnderson’s incredible Michael Jordan stories, stay for the surprise @DeonCole cameo. Listen @

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The great thing about xylophones is.

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More humiliating for Trump than impeachment: When he finally exits the White House, instead of a helicopter, send a Kia Soul.

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I didn't want to use the word "Orwellian" in a tweet until I was confident that I could use it properly, so here goes: Orwellian would be a cool name for a horse.

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Replying to @TeamCoco: Welcome to the Team Coco Podcasts family, @NicoleByer! On today's episode of "Why Won't You Date Me?" @ConanOBrien tries to h…

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Welcome to the Team Coco Podcasts family, @NicoleByer! On today's episode of "Why Won't You Date Me?" @ConanOBrien tries to help Nicole figure out why she's still single. Listen and subscribe on @ApplePodcasts.

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“This impeachment gives me one last chance to salvage my reputation!” shouts Rudy Giuliani, as he ladles baked beans into his briefcase.

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Samantha won’t return to Sex and the City because the character is now a QAnon Congresswoman from Florida.

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What's the best vaccine? Pfizer, Moderna or Dave's Hot Vaccines?

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I loved reminiscing with Fred Armisen about all those years I spent bullying him in the hallways of 30 Rock. Hear our conversation @

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Quoted @Schwarzenegger

My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.

Thank you Arnold -- this is the most powerful and uniquely personal statement I've heard from ANYONE on where we are right now as a country.

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Now what am I supposed to do with my 89 million Parler followers?

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After the horrible attack on our nation's Capitol yesterday, I wanted to talk to someone with a unique perspective on the Republican Party and what it has become. My conversation with Ron Reagan is available now.

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Happy two-week birthday, Jesus! (It never hurts to kiss a little deity ass).

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Excited for Fashion Week 2021, I can’t wait to see what this year’s cardboard cutouts will be wearing.

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Now Trump is asking Georgia to find a 7th season of Schitt's Creek.

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Spoke with my friend @ohsnapjbsmoove about his legendary SNL pitches, immaculate wardrobe, and previous life as a fire extinguisher salesman. Listen @

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