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We use the power of the law to protect life on Earth. We’re working to secure a lasting civilisation for people and nature.

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Many of Earth's natural carbon sinks are in danger of becoming carbon sources, thanks to human activity. @green_humour takes a look at our damaging effect on the carbon cycle. Please share to help protect our vital carbon sinks, and read more here:

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Bulgaria is the only country in the EU still breaching the bloc’s sulphur dioxide limits. @ClientEarth, @GpBulgaria and @zazemiata have uncovered new evidence that Bulgarian authorities are not taking sufficient measures to reduce the severe SO2 pollution.

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Millions of people in the UK breathe toxic air, the effects of which are felt disproportionately by communities of colour.

Join @RosamundAdoo_KD, @UK100_ and @APPGairpoll on 20/1 as we explore this critical issue. #AirPollution

Find out more and sign up👉

#AirPollution harms us all, cutting lives short and reducing quality of life. But the burden of #AirPollution is not evenly shared. Join this event tomorrow to learn more.

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Ineos' announcement that it has suspended plans for one of two enormous new plastics units in Antwerp is a huge win for nature, potentially preventing deforestation of protected woodland in the area.

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Petrochemicals giant #Ineos made a surprise announcement last week: they have cancelled one of two major #plastics units in Antwerp. This follows our court win against them in November.

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Australian seafood consumers urged to stop buying flake to protect sharks

The #DeepSea has the greatest diversity of life on Earth, but it's under threat from #DeepSeaMining - laws made to #DefendTheDeep aren't being enforced. Our 10-point plan means EU decision-makers have no excuses not to act to uphold #Biodiversity commitments to protect our oceans

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Earth's oceans are huge carbon sinks, absorbing much damaging CO2. But plastic waste is harming this process. We talked to our lead plastics lawyer @tatianalujanr about plastic affecting the ocean's role in the carbon cycle and what we're doing to help:

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The #carboncycle – how carbon flows between the atmosphere and organisms on Earth – has long been held in balance by natural sources and sinks. But how do carbon sinks work? And why are they so vital for life on Earth?

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Following our November court win, there’s been a surprise announcement from petrochemicals giant #Ineos: they have put one of two major #plastics units in Antwerp on ice. #ProjectOne is on the rocks – a win for the climate and nature.

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Major news to kick off 2021 – #Ineos has rowed back on its bigger ever investment after our court case, suspending one of two plastics units in Antwerp. Our injunction still stands – and we’ll continue to battle the #ProjectOne in court. #plastic #climate

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Ordinary citizens have a key role to play in Europe’s transition to #RenewableEnergy. Learn more about how to empower passive energy consumers to become active energy-producing citizens in the final @Proseu_Project event on Feb 2-4. #PowerToThePeople

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Is it better to take to the courts than take to the trees? Legal organisation @ClientEarth are taking governments and business to court to get #environmental laws taken seriously. Listen to @tomheapmedia and @flimsin today at 13.45 on @BBCRadio4 or here:

ICYMI: Our founder James Thornton on BBC's 39 Ways to Save the Planet - catch it on BBC Sounds or on Friday's omnibus at 9pm!

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Can lawyers swap the gown for the cape and save the world by outlawing climate change? @ClientEarth believe so. Todays '39 ways...' from @JamesThorntonCE with @flimsin @RGS_IBG on 1.45 @BBCRadio4 and when you like on @BBCSounds

Can lawyers swap the gown for the cape and save the world by outlawing climate change?

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 at 1.45pm this afternoon to hear from our founder @JamesThorntonCE on how the legal fight can save the planet.

Thanks @tomheapmedia @flimsin @RGS_IBG

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Human activity is damaging Earth's biggest #carbonsinks – forests and oceans, altering their ability to absorb excess CO2. We asked journalist @davidneiladam to investigate how carbon sinks are vital for life on Earth, and why we need to protect them:

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The UK Govt has approved allowing sugar beet producers to use seeds treated with a bee-toxic chemical – banned by the EU in 2018 because of the risk it poses to bees and other pollinators.

We're urging the Govt to reverse this dangerous decision.

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A Bangladeshi man with asthma has avoided deportation from France after his lawyer argued that he risked a severe deterioration in his condition, and possibly premature death, due to the dangerous levels of #AirPollution in his homeland.

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Replying to @JamesThorntonCE: If you have 15 minutes today, then I'd love you to listen to my episode on @BBCRadio4 #39WaysToSaveThePlanet.

The new…

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If you have 15 minutes today, then I'd love you to listen to my episode on @BBCRadio4 #39WaysToSaveThePlanet.

The new game-changing series by @tomheapmedia. He looks at inspiring ideas being used for cutting our #carbon - in collaboration with @RGS_IBG

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Carbon is essential for all life on Earth. The amount of carbon on Earth has never changed, but where it is located is constantly flowing between the atmosphere and organisms on Earth, between carbon sources and carbon sinks:

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Investors w/ US $2.4 trillion in assets are calling on HSBC to end its fossil fuel financing & set clear targets for its #netzero ambition.

As Europe’s 2nd largest bank, this is an opportunity for HSBC to show industry leadership and take climate action that is urgently needed.

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