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PRESIDENTS OF WAR, nine other books. @NBCNews Presidential Historian. PBS @NewsHour. Opinions my own. Born Chicago. Called "normally sober" by Financial Times.


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Congrats to ex-President’s ex-lawyer for his shoutout from Sacha Baron Cohen at Golden Globes tonight — a radiant Hollywood future surely beckons!

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Ratified 240 years ago today was Articles of Confederation, which created such a weak system of government that, in modern times, it might have led to something so absurd and ineffectual as handing response to a catastrophic national pandemic over to governors of the states:

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On receiving two Golden Globes tonight for “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” Sacha Baron Cohen said his win “couldn’t have been possible without my co-star—a fresh, new talent who came from nowhere and turned out to be a comedy genius. I’m talking, of course, about Rudy Giuliani.”

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Congratulations to Sacha Baron Cohen on receiving two Golden Globes tonight for “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” including this immortal scene filmed at CPAC 2020:

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The inspirational high point of the speech was when he spat out the names of Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and other Republican leaders he considers his enemies. Trump is no Stalin, but this was a feature of some Stalinist rallies.

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Now he is panhandling for future “campaign” money. Anyone care to guess what he will do with that money?

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He claims that people didn’t know that Jim Jordan was a wrestler.

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He lambastes Supreme Court, one third of which he appointed.

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No, the 2020 election was not “rigged,” and this crowd should not be shouting at him, “You won!”

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“Boltun” is a Russian word meaning “windbag.”

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So modest — why hasn’t he ever mentioned before that he started a “Space Force?”

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Despite what Hemingway said, it is not only heroes that become a bore at last.

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Did he happen to mention that he likes the Second Amendment?

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Have we gotten to the part where he claims that nobody knew Abraham Lincoln was a Republican?

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Lying again about who won the 2020 election.

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Unlike when he was reportedly talked out of it at Walter Reed, does he end this plodding speech by tearing off his suit and shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt?

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And then he went to Korea,and he fell in love.

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We going to hear the part where he boasts about liberating us to say “Merry Christmas” again?

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Is this what it sounds like when he sits next to the pig-in-a-blanket table at Mar-a-Lago, talking to resort customers who haven’t yet heard these stories?

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