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Professional webspinner/videographer, R&B lover, and tenor singer for supper

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I just got the @TheYankeeCandle Apple Pumpkin large jar (okay, two of them) because @LauraLemurex brought it up in one of her videos. I LOVE it! Very potent and sweet so I can't leave it on long but it really fills the room. I'm becoming a candle person now. 🤣🤣🤣

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Reading @MariahCarey's new book now based on @qls. Great read so far. So well written! I had no idea her childhood was so broken.

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Hello, @TheYankeeCandle and @yankeecandleuk. This is
@LauraLemurex. She's an amazing ASMRtist who's made many "candle store role-plays" using your candles. I've bought your candles because of her. She's from the US but I thought I'd tag you both.

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Y'all gon' be sick of me. Time to spam with another @AccentVocal track. Here's the first single of their new record. It's "No More Blues" (Chega de Saudade). 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #EndlessRepeat

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Sammy and Hager. What not to love? #AEW #AEWDynamite

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Riddle me this, riddle me that. How is @FRONTMANJAH NOT signed somewhere. Dude sets microphones and ring ropes on fire. Sign. Him. Now. If you don’t, you’ll miss.

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Quoted @therealbigtris

If you’re a racist, bigot, sexist or just a general hater of other people. When you wake up tomorrow I hope that you’re a better person who understands those who are different from you. - #GOODNIGHT
Retweet if you wish!

Another timely word...

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What is it with the occasional porn person with like 30 followers looking for sex following me? I'm not that dude. Do you see my name? I block immediately. Don't waste your time. Dag...

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Your DAILY reminder...

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Psst...@TheYankeeCandle...@LauraLemurex has motivated people to buy your candles. I'm one of them. She's made roughly five videos featuring your candles & they get solid views on YouTube. She's brilliant & you would be too if you sponsored her for the exposure she's giving you.

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Quoted @marqil

If indie artists had the budget, your favorites would be doomed.

A word...a brilliant word. Can you just imagine...

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Quoted @AccentVocal

Today’s the day!

Listen to our new album “Journeying” (feat. @wow_worldmusic @TreyMclaughlin and @officialresound) on all platforms
#newmusic #jazz #acappella #nosamples

The first video!!!

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My absolute favorite from the @AccentVocal project right now. @TreyMclaughlin just NAILS here! Their new EP, "Journeying" is out now (yes, I'm being repetitive but if you heard this, you'd know why).

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Remember that @AccentVocal I was talking about a few days ago?

It's out now! Like...RIGHT now!

Get it!!! Trust me!! There's even a video for "No More Blues" that's out!

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Quoted @WrestleRoyalty

SAM and Botch are back with the #WWERaw review blog. Come and see what they thought of the #WWERAWlegends edition of Raw that also is the first Raw of 2021.

Wow! @SamAMelara and I both hate racists! Twinsies!!!!

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Quoted @WrestleRoyalty

Look what we found!!!

I'm so relieved we found this so we could post it again. I figured it was just lost and this was far too important to just be gone like that. #AEWDynamite

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Aww. Are the wesslers a widdo bit mean to widdo ol Hulky? Guess he’s forgetting about the whole racist thing, huh?

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Quoted @Jeremycousar

Singing is about CHOICES. It’s not always about riffing and running. Please know that. ✍🏾

A badly-needed word...

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There was one dude kinda responsible for ending disco. Who knew? #BeeGeesHBO

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