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The Banner of Truth Trust is a Christian organisation which publishes books, organises conferences, and publishes a monthly magazine.

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The incarnate Son of God is the focal point of divine revelation.

—John Murray

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Today's Valley of Vision Daily Devotional: 'Christ Alone'

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Troubles are free schoolmasters.

—John Trapp

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Above all knowledge, know Christ.

—John Wesley

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We are always excited when a new Puritan Paperback is on the way.

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Today's Valley of Vision Daily Devotional: 'The Name of Jesus'

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The life of thankfulness consisteth in the thankfulness of thy life.

—George Swinnock

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So much as we know of Christ, His sufferings, and His glory, so much do we understand of the Scripture and no more.

—John Owen

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Back in stock - US/CAN.

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Back in stock - US/CAN.

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This brother just received his 'Valley of Vision: Premium Goatskin' edition, and reads the opening prayer to us.

Consider helping your prayer life this year by working your way through the Valley of Vision.

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If there were no justice to revenge sin, sin would be vengeance to itself.

—Elisha Coles

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The beholding of Christ is the most blessed means of exciting all our graces, spiritualizing all our affections, and transforming our minds into His likeness.

—John Owen

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He who does not perceive Christ to be God is blind amidst the brightness of noonday.

—John Calvin

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Assurance is, as it were, the cream of faith.

—William Gurnall

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Our Lord Jesus Christ will be sufficient light for us, both in life and death.

—John Calvin

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A review by @markredfern2 of Sinclair Ferguson's 'Devoted to God's Church'.

HT: @9Marks

Read here:

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A new Rhett Dodson book is in the works!

Join the waitlist:

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The January issue of the Banner Magazine has landed; do you have a favourite article?

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