After much hard work lobbying the Government and with the public's support for the Grenfell United petition we are pleased to announce that the PM has granted additional panel members to the inquiry. This is a huge step in our fight for justice & truth💚 Statement to follow.

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 2 years ago

@HildaPalmer @GrenfellUnited @Jos21Bell Please Keep up the fight because its truly about how ORDINARY PEOPLE ARE TREATED.. #Grenfell is* ALL OF US*!!.. #Windrush is* ALL OF US*!! 👍☀️🇬🇧🇺🇸☀️

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 2 years ago
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@GrenfellUnited The British (and Irish BTW) focus on inquiries is time wasting and ineffective. The resolution of this matter requires a new law requiring that non-flammable insulation and sprinklers are installed in buildings over two stories, not waffle about the cost to developers

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 2 years ago

@GrenfellUnited Wonderful news!

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@GrenfellUnited @MrsVB Well done... Damn this Tory government...

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 2 years ago

@GrenfellUnited this is amazing 💚💚💚

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 2 years ago

@GrenfellUnited This has only been possible through the love, unit & support we have given each other. Revealed & grateful, but lots of work still to be done.

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@kludiett Pensé lo mismo cuando advertí el aniversario de #RoevWade y el camino recorrido 💚

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Oh hey, the President actually communicating coherently and about important reproductive health issues! #RoevWade

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Las mujeres necesitan acceder a servicios integrales de salud reproductiva, incluido el #aborto. Sabemos que el aborto = atención médica. #RoevWade #EsSalud #Salud #DDHH #Roe48

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We need to do more than protect #RoevWade we need to make sure every person who needs an abortion can have one safely, legally, and adorably or free on demand without shame or stigma. #BeBoldEndHyde

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#RoevWade was passed because Norma McCorvey lied about black men gang raping her and getting. It was always based on a racist lie.

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And I’m talking bold policy initiatives! We need more than #RoevWade codification. We need to end Hyde, parental involvement & judicial bypass, comprehensive sexual health education that’s queer & trans inclusive. We deserve all of this & more — give us something to fight for!

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Small, cold group today praying in front of Planned Parenthood.

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