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 3 years ago
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@treklock @Adele You are right

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 3 years ago

@Adele we love you so much!

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 3 years ago

@Adele Your health comes first always. Don't feel bad, you put so much into these shows and they've been incredible! Rest up! Hope to see you soon💗

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 3 years ago

@Adele We love you Adele ❤️ your health comes first always my love

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 3 years ago

@Adele please don't be this sad ): we still love you so much

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 3 years ago

@Adele Your health is always more important than anything, your fans will always support you and the fact you made it this far is amazing 💕

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 3 years ago

@Adele Your health is important. I'm sure people will understand. ❤️

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@Adele Come to Colombia

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 3 years ago


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Matt allowing chaos to happen for the rest of the season #thebachelor

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#TheBachelor sigh, Victoria has to be a ABC must have, no way would Matt go for her. And, cry baby Sarah’s self important self needs to take her ass home.

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Serena P. is "falling in like" with Matt. Love a realistic and authentic Canadian queen 😍. #TheBachelor

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Wow Serena P. has GAME!!!!! "Were you a weird kid?" #TheBachelor

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If you're ass can't get up & talk to the guy, stop blaming everyone else around you! Maybe he Just Not That Into You! Bunch of #bullies! #TheBachelor #bachelorabc #MattJames @mattjames919

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OMG. Crying at Serena asking Matt if he was a weird kid because he had a turtle as a pet 😂😂😂 she’s not wrong!! #TheBachelor

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Ok I like that Victoria is calling Sarah out haha. #TheBachelor

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