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@IvankaTrump #ImpeachmentDay #Insurrectionists #ComplicitCorruptGOP #IvankaForPrison

Any chance you’d do us all a favor and peddle your wares elsewhere.

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 1 week ago
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@pecunia55 The US justice with this,is saying its okay to molest kids as long you're a democrat,

Championship Sunday

The @FBI is compromised,they 're part of this.

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Seth Rogan is just jealous that Ted has a bigger d*ck than he does. #SethRoganlovesTedCruz

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@BGOnTheScene @Sethrogen Hasn’t seen this video. Too busy writing his dream name Seth Cruz, Mrs Seth Cruz, Seth Roger Cruz. #SethRoganlovesTedCruz This is what #insurrection and domestic terrorists look like.

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#livingroomdesign #homedecor #tvwall #apartmentinterior #housedesign #SundayMorning #SethRoganlovesTedCruz

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@Sethrogen the easiest way to get @SenTedCruz to love you is to call his wife ugly and say his dad fascinated JFK.


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MAGA Party Rand Paul Cindy McCain

That's why there's still 7K troops in Washington DC, when audits are done in AZ PN MI GA there could be an uproar

Need 5 dems, 5 gops & 5 Scotus to review & publish all evidence for & against FRAUD

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