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 5 days ago

@NBCNews If one of your senators is GOP, please tell them ASAP that they need to convict Trump of the #impeachment charge. No senator is impervious to pressure. They all want to get reelected. R/T
#impeachmentDay #WeAreRemovingADictator

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 5 days ago

A Trump conviction faces uphill climb in Senate. It could all come down to Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

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Tight security at Capitol Building ahead of #InaugurationDay day in US

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happy #InaugurationDay !


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Politicians are always the same most time. Americans should not get too excited and avoid being easily disappointed in future.. I'm not wishing for thou, but don't too get comfortable trusting politicians so quickly. ✌

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@ViragoX @notcapnamerica 😂🤣😹 Thank you, I'm shutting down for a few hours and I'm giggling! Must be #InaugurationDay !

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