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@halseydata @halsey #YeahYeah🐦 🌈 #aboutface .. ✨ ❤️🌎🎨 Watch Halsey's Trippy Rad YeahWOW!💖🦋 #makeup💋tut (tutorial) "about Expression" on YouTube..She's BREAKING MAKEUP💋 RULES!🎨❤️💛💚💙💜💗🖤tha Matte Fluid Eye Paints..FIERCE #PAINTIT "💋💗💖🦋 #aboutfacebeauty 🐦

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#1 on Billboard Hot 100
#1 on Billboard 200
+6 billion streams in the US
+2.7 billion views on YouTube
+10 billion streams on Spotify
+56 million certified records in the US
+100 million units sold worldwide

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Eu votei em Great Pretender para Anime do Ano ~ ! Você pode votar aqui: @crunchyroll_pt #AnimeAwards

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I voted for Yusuke Kobayashi for Best VA Performance (JP) ~ ! You can vote here: @crunchyroll #AnimeAwards

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Just checked the #AnimeAwards stuff and only voted for DAddy! Daddy!Do! and Night running for intro and outro

and also remembered i have a thousand animes to watch

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I voted for Masaaki Yuasa for Best Director ~ ! You can vote here: @crunchyroll #AnimeAwards

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¡He votado por ♪ KAIKAI KITAN en la categoría Mejor Opening! Vota tú también en: @crunchyroll_es #AnimeAwards

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Eu votei em Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Season 2) para Melhor Fantasia ~ ! Você pode votar aqui: @crunchyroll_pt #AnimeAwards

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Se nn for a Rachel a melhor antagonista do ano no Anime Awards nem vou assistir os resultados vai ser inaceitável melhor personagens de todas #AnimeAwards

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I voted for Sayaka Kanamori for Best Girl.
(Seriously, she's undeniable best girl. Go show her some love)

You can vote here: @crunchyroll #AnimeAwards

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