Another thing with serious repercussions? A president lying about an election for two months, convincing others amplify his conspiracies, pressuring state election officials to commit fraud and inciting an attack on the US Capitol to block the peaceful transfer of power.

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Jonathan Turley argues against the House vote to impeach President Trump: β€œThis could have serious repercussions in the future as people recognize this process against other presidents.”

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Saturday night pullups to keep fit! What's your favourite exercise pals? πŸ’ͺπŸ˜»πŸΎπŸ’™
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Puffy, one cool cat. #Caturday

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#Caturday Elliott giving the smolder.

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Byte:MEDP-PGD-01-01-CHEM-17-1/3::Faraday was born near London a family of very ltd means. @ 14 he was an apprentice 2 a bookbinder who allowed Faraday 2 read books he was binding. A fortunate chance n he became lab. as~t to Davy, #1YearWithBlackSwan #Caturday #Harvard #neet2021

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Good Evening and a Good Weekend from Miss Shaggy 😾 πŸΏοΈπŸ’πŸΎβ™₯️🐈 @anitamariaAn @aelmer @FrauJemineh @redphooka @Tiffany4ever πŸŒƒ #caturday #RescueCats

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Moment of Zen 🐾🎢

(look at the little feetsies- maybe cat dreams of chasing butterflies in the meadow?)

#Caturday nap time

video from : ε‘†δΈ’εœˆ DY

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