Reminder: a lame duck president sent a lunatic mob to attack the preeminent branch of our government, and all but 10 #Republicans declined to vote for impeachment.
#AmericaOrTrump #CapitolHill

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I can't draw but here's a picture of her. 12 years young. I don't expect to win because I didn't draw her, but I still wanted to share her beauty. #CashAppPoki $godzremains

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Lots of cute puppers and kitties on this post. #CashAppPoki

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@pokimanelol @CashApp not me and my family but it’s a drawing i did of my favorite soccer player, raul jimenez. $jasminea013 #CashAppPoki

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@pokimanelol @CashApp I combined my loves, My art (My OC) and my family cat (Serafino). Good luck to everyone and ty poki.

#CashAppPoki $boxunderscore

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@pokimanelol @CashApp @pokimanelol @CashApp Ages ago, my mom was washing the terrapins' tank, she let them out to enjoy the sun. We live in a hot country, and when she finally thought to bring them in, they had died due to heatstroke. We never got terrapins after. πŸ™ˆ Β£DanialHakimR #CashAppPoki

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#CashAppPoki On behalf of my dog not with me anymore. I’ll use your cat $CrispyShaxx

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