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 6 days ago

Jonathan Turley argues against the House vote to impeach President Trump: “This could have serious repercussions in the future as people recognize this process against other presidents.”

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#lgbtqforcorpse why are you guys simping over dead bodys

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me looking at the #lgbtqforcorpse hashtag

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The #lgbtqforcorpse hashtag helping me feel valid and accepted aaaaa ily corpsetwt 🖤

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#lgbtqforcorpse you guys are all really pretty /p :)

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I literally thought this hashtag was about the corpse of some lgbtq+ member that was found but I’m glad that’s not the case #lgbtqforcorpse

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We’re queer, we like corpses, we’re here for it #lgbtqforcorpse

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Been trending for a while (I know I’m late) but Twitter guy quickly got bored right? ‘Internet personality and gamer’. That doesn’t sit right w/ me. What about music personality next time? #lgbtqforcorpse

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