Frankly, this is mobster talk: "If you want to end the violence, end impeachment."

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 6 days ago

Lindsey Graham tonight on Fox: “We should reject post-presidential impeachments because it will destroy the country and it will incite violence. If you want to end the violence, end impeachment.”

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Really @amazon @JeffBezos, your #NetZero goal by 2040 is a WEAK goal for the second riches man and billion dollar company. @JoeBiden already sign back to the #ParisClimateAgreement Why not 2025 or 2030?? Can you say LAME. That's why I'm DONE with Amazon and your knockoff products

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@JustinTrudeau @Lee_in_Iowa @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Dear world, decency is back. #WHO #ParisClimateAgreement 🇨🇦🇫🇷

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From Paris, Benjamin Franklin helped the United States win independence by creating alliances with other nations. It could not be more perfect that, under Franklin’s portrait, @POTUS #JoeBiden returns the US to the international #ParisClimateAgreement

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@upcyclealleykat Not true apparently. The President can sign Executive Agreements. While these are domestically legally different to treaties, international law accepts both as legal modes of binding. #Biden can sign an Executive Agreement and bring the US back into #ParisClimateAgreement

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