Your thinking, mood, behavior are greatly influenced by those around you. Don't hang out with perpetually negative people.

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#CashAppPoki the only reason people are doing this is because they are running out of money to simp for poki so to make sure she shouts them out on the donation screen they draw pets

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@pokimanelol @CashApp i did my best😠 i hope u like this realistic drawing of mimi😌 $scaruki #CashAppPoki

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Been struggling through this past year.

I don't have any artistic skill/talent and I dun want to insult you with a stick figure image or anything :(

Happy about your partnership though! Love watching you stream ^^

$RorianBlackrose #CashAppPoki

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@pokimanelol @CashApp Okay I tried to draw them to the best of my ability, but they truly look like terrifying ghost demons. They’re actually perfect angels I swear.

My tag is $kaycreigh we’re having to move unexpectedly rn and winning would be lovely! Was fun either way❤️


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