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The Daily Drive Show with @MikeGillShow

Multiple reasons why I support not trading for James Harden.


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Mmaballer during that 2nd round:

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それにしても マクレガー負けたのん凄いショック。まだ引きずってる…。 #UFC257

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Huh? One of the Paul brothers? Poirer again? Rematch with Khabib? C'Mon... More like a bit role in The Expandables 4 of Fast & Furious 10? Go away and take your massive word-hole with you. All done. #UFC257

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UFC 257: Dustin Poirier defeats Conor McGregor via TKO in Round 2 #UFC257

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This is what sets @DustinPoirier apart and why he was the subject of my first ever video #UFC257

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A lot of respect between McGregor and Poirier after #UFC257

“We’ll do it again.”

(via @btsportufc)

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Did this poll a year ago.. pre-pandemic, after UFC 246. Who would’ve thought Dustin Poirier will knock him out a year later. What a great match-making. #UFC257

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