His face hurts my eyes.

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Strong women don't let people put them down. They have too much respect for themselves. They don't get sidetracked because they have important work to do, and they do it! #wednesdaythought

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Continue your Midweek with us in Worship at Wilmar with #Promises knowing that your Trust is in Jesus as you put your Anchor to the ground not to be Shaken! #wednesdaythought

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We’re halfway through the week! Have a good day! 😊☀️ #bekind #KindnessMatters #wednesdaythought

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ring ring @Apple @ATT
vroom vroom @Tesla @Boeing

We got #WallStreet earnings today and here #Q4 2020

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Was the one who followed.
By the flag left over thee.
Toll the bells, soul returning to the hanging tree.

The bud started again from rooted earth.
Everything ends but matter does not.
In the heads, flowers, and anything
In essence of you.

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Here’s a #wednesdaythought: many Evangelicals bought into Trump’s fear mongering on socialism and urban violence. #AnxietyMakesMe do things that are inconsistent with courageous compassion displayed by Christ. Evangelicals need to focus on that example. #WednesdayMotivation

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