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 3 days ago

# #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho listens to a guy insult his wife then proceeds to spend the next 4 years on his knees for the dude

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Caleb’s friend calling Justine ugly today. His circle are hella mad that the fraud was exposed. They probably thought they can continue deceiving Justine so she doesnt expose him. Now everything is out in the open, it’s OVER for him & their true colors are showing #LoveIslandUSA

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This bastard lost 1K followers in less than 6hrs.. You about to have a bad day, week, month and year! #LoveIslandUSA

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@chrissyteigen can you please get @JustineJoy312 into the mainstream HOLLYWOOD for us please 🙏🙏🙏


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Nobody should annoy me today pls! Choose your words carefully!!!!

Good for you if you were not really into them, let me mourn in peace!!!!


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So my favourite couples are.
Camilla and Jamie
Mike and Priscilla
Josh and Amelia
Alex and Olivia #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIslandAU #LoveIslandAus

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Guys!!!! Tre and Rachel must be laughing at Justine now 😭😭😭

She doesn’t deserve this madness 😭😭


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We should’ve known something was up when this man and his mother were calling Justine chocolate. Any man still referring to black women as chocolate in 2020-21 is a red flag #LoveIslandUSA

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A light skinned nigga with two left feet didn't deserve my queen anyway 😒 #LoveIslandUSA

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