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 1 week ago

After riots at the Capitol, the Republican Party is facing defections from two camps of voters it can’t afford to lose: those saying Trump and his allies went too far in contesting the election of Biden - and those saying they didn’t go far enough

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 1 week ago

@Reuters We knew trump would bring down the GOP with him on his way out.....

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 1 week ago

@Reuters We see what will happen. For myself I just want to say crazy USA No respect about American constitution sorry boys it’s like that. All Trump supporters say Ohh Donald why they don’t say ohh America. What’s the problem ?

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@Reuters The basic flaw in Relativism:

If a group refuses to rely on facts to justify their opinions, they will never agree on anything important for long, and the first setback will set them at each others' throats.

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@Reuters The siege was allowed to happen. It needs to be investigated why the lack of security and why more cameras than defense. One Democrat had her panic alarm removed from her office before the siege. The truth will eventually be known, despite media protection to retain it.

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 1 week ago

@Reuters Trop ou pas assez.
Les républicains fassent à un dilemme.
Le choix est cornélien.
À droite toute ou le juste milieu.
Dans tous les cas,
l'image des républicains est sérieusement écorné.
Merci qui ?.
Je vous laisse la conclusion.

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 1 week ago

@Reuters Good. Let them hemorrhage from both ends.

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@Reuters Riots? Plural? Gtfo.

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Il y a deux qui sont impatients pour leur petit déjeuner 😋🐈 #fridaymorning

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#fridaymorning Rain has arrived in parts of Contra Costa County already. Drive carefully and stay safe!

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I finally have one song on @Bandcamp. I'll eventually upload more #fridaymorning #ambientmusic #chillwave #vaporwave #synthwave #lofimusic

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#ImpeachBidenNow #FoxNews #FoxBusiness #MSNBC #CNN #ABC #NBC #CBS #FOX @GOP #GOP #COVID19 #NYTimes #WSJ #Military #latimes #Jesus #BidenHarris #USA #military #fridaymorning

Humans learned to shape the future.
Now our hate, ignorance & greed destroy USA, Mother Earth & humanity!

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Said @LindseyGrahamSC who made phone calls to overturn the election just as Trump did, then said he was done with Trump. Apparently you still support #TraitorTrump & #SeditiousTraitors. @GOP let 400,000 of us die & invoking Obama AGAIN? Your Klan cloak is showing. #fridaymorning

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We love these little #fridaymorning tips from @SuttonUplift. #Sutton #Carers, your #wellbeing is important. By taking a small moment out of your day to focus on self-care can make a big difference.

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When you are part of 7 fandoms and you think this is the day you will finally tell your family. #fridaymorning

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