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 1 week ago

At the #ReutersNext conference, World Bank President David Malpass urged private sector creditors to finally step up and help poor countries deal with the economic and health crises unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic

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 1 week ago

@Reuters Private sector response. F O!

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@Reuters Start with the poorest country in the world: the US.

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#CrimesAgainstPeace are discouraging to us but this is true: "They can cut all the flowers, but they can not stop spring from coming" P.N - We will live in #peace!

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I’m disturbed by the glee on Shavel’s face while DMark argues with Quaylon #loveafterlockup

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Michael just needs to be honest and stop trying to run a game on Sarah.

#loveafterlockup #Lifeafterlockup

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Chevy was talking all that shit but was QUICK to hug Quaylon. Girl, you want that man back. Stop playing. #LoveAfterLockup #LifeAfterLockup

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Quaylon just pulled the most accurate “hey, big head” in recorded history 😆 #loveafterlockup #BigHeadNoBrain

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Amber is only all over puppy when she is drunk 🤔 #loveafterlockup

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Quaylon wandering around Branson with his suitcase. 😂 #loveafterlockup

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