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 1 week ago

👣 @AmadDiallo_19 is finding his feet with a little help from @EricBailly24 ❤️

To watch our new signing's first United interview in full, head to our app now!


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@OnkaIsRed @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Do we need a Cb as much as a CDM and RB?

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 1 week ago

@BismiIIah_ @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Too early

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@A3Ab_ @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Same way United reject Pepe 😂

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@juiceride @ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Out of 9k Ur following 8 u don't have dear of God

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 1 week ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Stop milking this summer signing and sign a CB.

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 1 week ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 Win the cup, win the fans

Follow @strong_leaders to learn about strong mentality and leadership.

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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 He’s terrible, Arsenal rejected 😂

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 1 week ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 start him against fulham next week

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 1 week ago

@ManUtd @Amaddiallo_19 @ericbailly24 if you are here on Twitter to make friends follow me I follow back

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Check out Diego getting some mealtime enrichment! These goat shanks are not just yummy but healthy too! Crunching on those bones is good for her teeth and eating the bones is good for her digestive system.

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XOXO after checking my Twitter notifications I´ll check the countless ones on Printerest again now and probably won´t get much else done anymore tonight, happy #Caturday from Gizzy, Thori and lil Angel Sisi, da second hand kittehz and momcat.

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Kneeler for Gardening Gardeners 22.83"X 11.02" X 19.29" (Unfolded Size) Gardening Gift for Mom Father, Ideal Gift Present for . by Ohuhu via @amazon

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My idea of a perfect #Caturday night! Hope you’re all getting good lap service too, friends!

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Nova is giving me kisses this #Caturday but she might also telling me I need a cleaning.

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Dream sweet boy 💚. If you have time please come by my Etsy shop and take a look at my art. Thanks!

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